Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 171

I didn’t call Assisi as ‘sir.’ Instead, I was used to calling him using his name because I wanted to achieve a closer bond with him. However, I guessed Assisi still found it challenging to get chummy with me, although we were always together. It’s not uncomfortable, but if he’s awkward and clumsy, then it meant he felt troubled, right? Uh, no?




“… Yes.”

How could I help make this man more at ease with me? It was a question that lingered in my mind for a moment by the time I was four years old.

I stopped eating and looked at Assisi instead as I rested my chin on his hand. Meanwhile, another hand protruding from aside disordered my hair.

“Don’t bother Assisi and finish your meal, daughter.”

Hey, what was this guy talking about?

“Who says I’m bothering him!?”

This father of mine was turning his daughter into a nuisance!

I looked at him in a fit of anger as my dad continued to mock me. Oh, this man really was the worst!

“Assisi, am I bothering you?”

“Not at all.”

“See, he said no!”

Although Assisi said that I was not bothering him, Caitel looked at him for a while before showing a mischievous-looking sneer.

“It looks like he’s bothered, though.”

… Excuse me?

This was not the first time that I had the urge to punch my dad. I was holding my savagery deep within me because it would be too undutiful to my father. Maybe if I hit Caitel here, then I would suddenly see it on the front page of the monthly Agrigent. It’ll be under a big headline that would say, ‘Princess Lia committed mutiny!?’

“I… I envy you. How can the princess act so cute to you? Assisi, I envy you, I envy you. Princess, do it to me too!”

“Get lost.”


Ferdel interrupted us and got scolded for no reason. I felt like Caitel was especially hard on this guy, but it’s probably just me. When Ferdel, whom I had dumped, showed a frustrated look on his face, Caitel smiled beside him. Assisi then breathed a deep sigh as he watched both of them.

… What are these three doing now?

“You bastard, what poison have you given our princess? Our sweet princess is getting cold to me!”

“What are you saying?”

“It’s all because of you! It’s all because of you!”

“You’re loud. Get lost. Now!”

Even if I was unsure if Ferdel and dad actually had a fight or not, I still laughed at both of them and had a leisurely lunch with Assisi, who was sitting beside me. As Ferdell watched us, he collapsed with a sudden look of melancholy on his face.