Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 170

The lunch the four of us ate was unusually generous compared to the one at breakfast or at dinner.

Was it because four people ate it, or was there any other reason? I didn’t know, but I was happiest when I ate lunch during the day. I mean, how was it possible that Solay’s chef’s cooking skills improved in every passing hour? The more I ate, the more I could taste my mother’s cooking.

Maybe I should ask him to marry me later. I thought that if my husband could cook like this, then I could marry him without looking at his face. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity of eating such delicious food each day.

Nom nom, I was enjoying my meal, and Ferdel was staring at me. He even forgot to eat his own meal. What, did I look good while I was eating all these? However, I often heard that I gave off a certain positive feeling whenever I ate. I understood his feelings.

“My Princess Ria, what did you do this morning?”

Well, indeed, what a good question. What did I do?

“I studied!”

“Wow, you’re so reliable.”

Yes, I was reliable. I poked my salad with a fork before nodding, and Ferdel laughed once more. What? What’s up with that happy smile. Beside him, my father was eating silently, not interested in what we were doing at all. Meanwhile, Ferdel’s eyes were twinkling as he asked me about how my day went. Why did it feel like he was more of a father than my dad, man?

“Now, what are you going to do in the afternoon?”

What would I do?

“I’m going to play with Assisi!”

“I, I’m so jealous of you.”

Ferdel looked genuinely envious. What was he so jealous of, anyway?

Well, it wasn’t like I couldn’t understand. When I was a baby, we used to look at each other’s faces from time to time, but now, I’m out of touch with the office, so we can only see each other in person at lunchtime. Besides, the fact that Ferdel’s work had increased enormously contributed to the scarcity of our time together.

Sob sob, what a poor bastard.

“Assisi, eat a lot! We are going to run around a lot later!”

However, all of my attention had gone to Assisi. Thus, Assisi had to eat more since he had to play around with me a lot. Assisi smiled upon hearing my words. When he first became my guardian, smiling for him was just as awkward as everything else he could do with me. However, now it’s so natural for him to smile, and that seriously troubled me. His smile was just so pretty. What an angel! Sob sob.

“Princess, you should eat a lot too.”

“You are calling me a princess again.”

I just told him to call me Ria. What’s wrong with this guy?