Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 17

He scared me!

No, this wasn’t the problem. What was up with this guy today?

I tried to slowly sneak away from my Dad. I know my one and only father in the world was a man of incredible beauty. If he went out on a beauty contest, he would win first place by unanimous agreement.

But, but!

“What’s wrong?”

That low and husky voice was seductive, and it sent goosebumps all over my skin.

Oh my God! What was this? Father, don’t do this to me!

Dad we were not supposed to be “together”!’

Unfortunately, I couldn’t block his hands coming for me.

Oh no.

I closed my mouth firmly and forced myself to turn my head away from Caitel’s eyes which I didn’t want to see anymore. All my movements were autonomous to the point that it was robotic, I was almost afraid that clanging sounds would come from my neck.

His silver hair looked like he had just taken a shower and still had drops of water on his hair ends. The wet, silky hair and the scent of his freshly washed body tickled the end of my nose and made me wish I was dead.


It was a romantic fantasy of mine. Yup, it’s a fantasy for both women and men! However, not like this! This is not right! This is seriously not right!

This man was my dad! Damn! Why?! There’s a beauty in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t even attempt to flirt with him!

“Are you sick?”

How could I be sick? Actually, I was just sick in my mind.

Dear God, why was that guy born with that kind of beauty?

My child, I did not know either.

Just hand over a piece of his beauty, okay!?

“She looks like a monster.”

… So it was possible to get used to this to the point I no longer get mad.

As he stroked my swollen eyes, I wanted to tell him that the words he spoke were an art form, but perhaps I finally got tired of it. Wow, I didn’t even feel hurt anymore.

“To think that you are getting assassinated already. Should I say it was slower than expected or faster?”

Huh? Then dad, were you saying you already knew an assassin was heading my way and yet you still left me alone?

…Sir, do you want to die?

“Well, whatever, it looks like my princess is in trouble.”

I didn’t know why he simply ended it with the word “trouble”. This was my life… My life was on the line! Stop saying it so easily! Damn, I felt stupid for getting depressed.

However, when I lowered my head, I could feel his eyes following me that I couldn’t even turn my head away.

Ah, I couldn’t even turn my head away when I wanted to?

Then at the moment, our eyes met. Two pairs of red eyes met midway in the air. The sight of their gazes and their emotions were entangling together.

Then nothing was left behind. Nothing left.

This kind of empty silence was incredibly uncomfortable.

It was also a bit, just a little bit, heavy to face Caitel with that kind of face. That’s right… To be honest, it was quite burdensome for me.

So heavy it actually weighed me down. I thought we had gotten used to each other by now, but we were still far apart as usual.

The pressure and sense of danger coming from the distance separating us was cutting off my air. I already knew he only showed this kind of face to me, but it wasn’t because of the fact I was his daughter. I was pretty sure it had more to do with the fact he was absolutely positive I would never be able to remember any of this.

It was a wall. That was what he put up as a rule and it was blocking others from coming close.

It was very hard. It was also very thick.

I reached out to him with my hand. Since my arms were so short, it didn’t take long for them to reach their detestation.

My hand caressed his cheek Caitel didn’t reject nor did he accept it. All he did was watch as he left me alone. He was somewhat like a voyeuristic tourist, only watching me to see what I would do next.

It felt very soft.

I could feel his short breaths and the sensation of his skin at the end of my fingertips. Only at times like this, I felt he was an actual living being.

Normally, he felt more like a masterpiece than an actual human being. It might be because he was much closer to a masterpiece than a regular human.

Why was everything about him so twisted? He couldn’t be like this from the start, right? He must not have always have been like this…

Sometimes, I wondered about his past, his life, and what he was thinking in his head. That was it though. I didn’t think more than that.

That was my limit, anything more than that felt like I had no right or place in his life.


What broke the silence was, as usual, my voice. Caitel looked into my eyes and furrowed his eyebrows.

“What is she saying?”

I am saying you are stupid. That’s right, you.


I didn’t want to call him papa yet. I knew I acknowledged him as my father since he saved my life, but at the moment, I felt it was despicable for him to decide on his own to sleep with me, so I refuse to call him that. He didn’t deserve to be called daddy yet.

As I waved both my arms up in the air at him, I gave him a bright smile. A small smile spread across Caitel’s lips as he saw my beaming face.

“Her vocabulary has gotten better.”

A maid had entered when I wasn’t paying attention, and now, she was preparing for the night. The small table by the bed carried ice and red wine. It was the maid from earlier who must have brought them.

“Does a baby have to sleep in the crib?”

Even through Caitel didn’t bother to turn his head, the maid somehow figured out he was talking to her.

The maid demurely gathered her hands and bowed her head.

“As long as she doesn’t fall from the bed, it is fine if she sleeps on the bed, your majesty.”

“Is that right?”

“It is just that you have to be careful not to press the baby’s body down with your own body.”

He wordlessly looked at me with a smile big enough to rip and spread over his face. No, it was similar to a smile but was really more of a look of ridicule.

“I want to play with her and put her to sleep.”

He just wanted to use me to play around and then fall asleep.

I felt very anxious for some reason. Perhaps, could it be?! Would I die from suffocation? Not only would I suffocated, but would it be because of my own father?

No, impossible… Getting rolled on and crushed to death of all things!

Instead of getting rolled to death it was better to just get assassinated!’

“Have a good dream.”

I looked at Caitel as he laid me by his side and pursed my lips.

Hey, dad. Treat me preciously. I am still a baby.

Cold lips touched my forehead, but I still felt dread.

Ah, that good dream he suggested was really a nightmare, right?