Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 169

The atmosphere in the conference room became chilly, and instead of asking for another chance, he just stiffened his mouth.

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, mister.’

“Drag him.”

The guards, who had been waiting for an order, hauled him out.

I bet all my birthday gifts that he was never treated like this since he was born a nobleman!

“Assisi, I don’t think my dad’s normal.”

“… I think so too.”

Oh, that crazy guy.

I shouldn’t go crazy like that. I will get mad in a beautiful way.

When I was about to make a new resolution, Ferdel, who was drinking tea alone, got up from his seat.

“Let’s finish the meeting. Please send the rest of the payment to the Chancellor’s residence.”

He then immediately looked back at me with a smile. The shaking of his hands suddenly aroused a great deal of skepticism.

… Who the hell was my father now?

“Who told you to come in before the meeting was over?”

“Should I leave then?”

Should I leave? Leave?

I meant, I’d love to get out.

Caitel stretched his hands to me without a word. What?

“Come here.”



Did I refuse too much? It was time for the blood vessels to pop out of Caitel’s forehead, so I immediately changed my expression and laughed brightly.


Oh, my liver had swollen lately. I was in trouble because I was having too much fun making fun of Caitel. However, given the way he cared about his daughter, he seemed to have become human, as Ferdel said.

At that moment, Caitel hugged me and suddenly complained.

“You’re heavy.”

… Did he really have to say that?

This bastard! I still don’t weigh more than 20 kilograms. He couldn’t say that I was heavy when he’s three times heavier than me! I’d kill him!

However, if I get mad here, then I’d lose.

I smiled as bright as I could.

“Yes, Dad is ugly too.”



Ferdel, who was approaching us from behind, burst out laughing. I laughed brightly as I saw the expression on Caitel’s face.

He wouldn’t hit me, right? However, if I kept talking like this, then I think he would hit me. I quickly fell out of my father’s arms.


I would use Assisi as a shield. Assisi, come here!

In my voice, Assisi ran towards me. When I opened my hands, Assisi naturally held me in his arms.

Hehe, it’s a safe zone!

I then looked back at my dad, relieved that I was safe, and I saw him with a frown on his face. What was he so unhappy about now?

Ferdel put his hand on Caitel’s shoulder.

“She said you’re ugly.”

“Do you want to die?”

Next, Assisi covered my eyes, so I couldn’t know what happened.

“It’s not good for you.”

… I had been looking at it all my life, though.