Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 168 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 168

Oh, someone was being dragged out again without mercy.

Yes, the whole area of Agrigent was peaceful, but there was one place where screams never stopped, so it’s the political center of Agrigent! It was the Palace of Pother in Solay.

Also known as the place where my dad works.

I shook my head.

“Assisi, someone else must have been fired again.”

“Yes, that’s what it looks like.”

Even Assisi sighed deeply. Yeah, well, even if one would think about it, that crazy guy wouldn’t really have an answer, didn’t he? I agree.

Over the past few years, the band had earned its newfound notoriety. No one was safe from the servant to the first lord. Anyway, look at who the tyrant might be. No matter how powerful the emperor is, I learned that the emperor cannot fire his vassals who are both nobles and wealthy, but the appointments of key government officials changed every day. The government of Agrigent was suffering from an untimely shortage of talent because Caitel was just letting them all go.

In the old days, it was shocking for well-dressed, fat lieutenants to be dragged out, but now it’s not surprising to see these occur. Ha, where was my life heading? I was reincarnated, faced with new experiences.

“Assisi, let’s just go in.”

“… are you all right?”

Assisi looked down on me with a worried look.

What’s all right? Of course, it can’t be all right.

This was why Assisi felt the need to be worried. The way Caitel treated his vassals was not very enriching. Still, it’s not like my father would do this on a daily basis.

Sure enough, it was really amazing inside. I was glad that my dad was not wearing his sword. Instead, I was looking at the way his legs crossed as he sat on his throne. Meanwhile, the lieutenant was kneeling under his feet, begging for his life. Ferdel was ignoring everything while drinking his tea. I want to drink tea, too.

“Your Majesty, if you give me one more chance, I will do everything I do with sincerity. Your Majesty, please!”

That guy wasn’t fired yet, but he was on the verge of collapse. I stopped at the entrance quietly and examined the situation. Dad looks down at him with a cool look, and there was a deep sneer on his lips.

That man was mistaken.



If it were me, then I would have given him one more chance, but dad, unlike me, was extraordinary.

“Then kneel and crawl.”

What’s this all of a sudden? As I opened my eyes wide, Caitel smiled amiably.

“I said crawl in front of me. Why should I give you a chance if you have no sincerity?”

Ah… t, that’s the deep and profound meaning behind it, I suppose.