Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 167

Oh, fine, I’ll be generous. Hey,

“Hold me, Assisi!”

I looked up at him with my arms wide open, and Assisi held me in his arms as if he was waiting for this moment.

Oh, I felt so comfortable. I remembered that I was always in someone’s arms when I was younger, so this was the most comfortable pose for me. Yeah, I was still young, so I could do this. I could only do this while I was still young and small, though, right?

“But Assisi, am I not heavy?”

“Not at all.”

He looked so comfortable that I doubted it more.

‘Look, Assisi, it was not like I don’t trust you, but you always say it’s all good.’

Besides, Caitel said that I was heavy whenever he held me. He said, “If you’re this heavy already, then how else could I hold you tomorrow?” I don’t know!

“But seriously, you’re as light as a feather, princess.”

“Oh, is there a 20-kilogram feather?”


I was kidding. He didn’t have to take it that seriously. It made me feel sorry to see him be upset without saying anything.

Ugh, I was getting a little guilty, but Assisi’s reaction was so funny. The more he reacted, the more I wanted to be silly. It’s an inevitable instinct!

“But is it okay to go to Pother Palace like this? Dad doesn’t really like me coming to the palace when there’s a meeting.”

“Your Majesty has ordered you to come, so It’ll be fine.”


This was not the first time Ferdel lied to me.

I had a look of doubt on my face. Assisi stared at me with a puzzled expression, but I just shrugged. It’s nothing, for I can’t let you know about this dirty world. Your purity must be preserved!

“The grand meeting is underway, so it would be appreciated if his highness could wait a moment.”

The soldier stood in the way for a moment in front of the conference hall. I didn’t think that he’d stop me although I decided to walk in. I just smiled at him for letting me know what is happening inside. The soldier loved my smile.

I really was a sinful woman, indeed.

“Y, your Majesty!”

Someone’s cry came over the thick door.

Oh no, was my father going berserk again?

I got a little nervous. Well, in fact, in the last few years, Agrigent was simply at peace since Caitel no longer had his interest in warfare. It was peace devoid of the crimes of war.

… Except for one place.

“Your Majesty, please forgive me once! If you give me one more chance, then I’ll solve this problem, Your Majesty!”