Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 165 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 165

Well, it might be because I saw him every day, but he certainly hadn’t changed at all compared to when I was just born. Still, would it really be possible to conquer the world with beauty alone? It was just that the dark, oppressive atmosphere, which felt like it would pressurize my stomach or an atmosphere that could set my tummy aflame, was slightly more moderate. Was he saying that he was mature? Was he really not getting old? How come he didn’t have any creases on his face?

“Are you done watching?”

“… I wasn’t doing that.”

‘Come on, stop bullying me just because I was looking for wrinkles on your face, Dad.’

I grabbed a spoon to eat before Caitel asked.

“Tell me.”

“Tell what?”

“What was that one good reason to marry me?”

Oh, that.

It wasn’t really a big deal, to be honest. I answered right away.

“She will be Empress!”

It was also the Empress of the Grand Agrient Empire. To conquer Prezia and become the hostess of a vast empire that devoured a third of the central continent. What other better benefit was there other than her being an Empress?

However, dad’s expression got darker upon hearing my answer. Did I say something wrong?

“You are right.”

Caitel then twisted his mouth.

“There were quite a few butterflies who threw themselves at me for it.”

I had a bitter taste in my mouth. Of course, some women loved Caitel, but some women tried to seduce him to become Empress. I should have not answered that question.

The restaurant’s mood died down in an instant. Even Assisi continued his meal with a glum expression… Yes. I was a criminal. I was a bad girl.

“Dad, can I tell you something funny?”

I want to get rid of this oppressive atmosphere. Fortunately, Caitel nodded. Perhaps he was thinking of how he could mend this vibe too.

“Try it.”

“Some boy told his dad that he’s hungry. Guess what the boy’s dad said?”

No one in this world knew the answer, so it seemed like they were all equally clueless. Even Assisi was wondering about it. I then spoke ahead of them.

“Hello, Hungry. I’m Dad.”

In an instant, Caitel’s expression hardened. It was the same for Assisi too. I was laughing so hard that both of them stared at me. Oh, my God!

I was excited to tell them all the dad jokes I knew, but at that moment, Caitel took a deep breath and spoke just a word at me.



… but it’s funny, though…