Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 164

I ate the seafood on his bowl as Caitel looked at me. What was he looking at?

"Does it taste good?"


They were delicious. Why would I take it from this man if it wasn't good?

However, it tasted better than anything else because it was Caitel's food. Oh, I didn't expect this day to come to me. Thinking of how I got treated as a child, I felt like I would cry all of a sudden, but I was okay.

Yes, I had become strong!

Caitel seemed like he finished his meal. He stared at me, leaning his chin on his hand. When I finished my meal with a pleased expression, I felt like his pathetic glance was flying to me, but... they were so delicious!

"You'll become a pig one day."

How could he say that!?

Anyway, Caitel was the kind of person who would get in trouble with that mouth one day. How could God make a person so annoying, so crazy, and so absurd? I felt sad that such a man was my father.

However, I didn't feel distressed since I kept getting delicious food. I was sad that I was now used to this.

"It's all right!"

"Why do you mean 'all right'? You can't marry if you're a pig."

"That's fine, though!"

"But why?"

This was not the first or second day that I heard these such things from him. "You look like a pig" is a basic, "you are ugly" is the daily bread. To be honest, I didn't really care anymore. I was not even worried about my personality. It's already bad enough, sob sob. Still, I would have to answer because he kept asking questions.

Here, take it, my charm!

"Because I'm going to marry daddy when I grow up!"

"That's illegal."

Bastard! Did he think that I didn't know that? Did he believe that his daughter was such a fool? Come to think of it, dad would assume that I was a fool. Oh, me, foolish Ria.


"Yes, it's prohibited by law. You can't be my daughter if you want to marry me."

I blinked for a moment after hearing Caitel's words. Then, I flashed a big smile.

"Well, then I'm not going to marry daddy."

Then, I finished eating the dishes in front of me. Somehow Caitel made an impression on his face. His confusion was obviously covering his face as if he was thinking, "Huh? That's not what I meant!" Kekeke.

I guessed it was good to know, though. Caitel pushed his food in front of me for some reason.

"Yes, there's nothing good about marrying a man like me. Just go ahead, eat this."

I would eat it since he gave it to me, but somehow, dad's voice was a bit, just a tiny a bit...

Oh, if he acted like that, then I didn't even want to curse him. I thought that I said something wrong, so when I held a spoon in my mouth and stared at him, he laughed before stroking my hair. No, I didn't want that.

"Why is there nothing good about marrying dad?"

"Because there is none."

"No, there's one thing!"

Whoever was the woman fortunate enough to marry my dad would get a beautiful daughter like me for free!

... It was just a joke. Of course, the best side of marrying him was that they'd have a good-looking man as a husband. Now that I had thought of it, he's over 30. However, my father did not seem to age at all like Assisi.

'Dad, are you not getting old? People say wealthy people would crave more riches. You are beautiful already, and you also want to look perpetually young? Ha, this murky world.'