Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 163

“What did you do today?”

Well, good question. What did I do today, anyway?

“I lived.”


Yes, I lived my life. I tried so hard.

I had nothing else to say. Somehow, when I answered, I felt like both men looked at me with saddened eyes, but… I was sure. Maybe I was just mistaken. It must have been an illusion.

“I heard the twins came and went back home today.”


They did. I wanted to forget it, so I erased it out of my memory without even knowing it. I didn’t think I would ever see anything nice with those twins.

“What did you do today, daddy? Did something interesting happen?”

I guessed that I was a genius. I couldn’t believe I knew how to switch topic this naturally. Ha, even I was surprised at my talent.

Somehow, however, Caitel’s response to my question was unusual. He dropped the spoon that he was using gently and turned his eyes to another direction. That was when I realized that my question must have touched the wrong spot.

“Just… I almost executed the envoy of Ansif and burned the documents from Pretzia?”

“… what happened today?”

I didn’t think this day was just a typical ‘bad day.’

When my face distorted, Caitel, who was staring me down, smiled.

“It’s no big deal. At least it’s none of your business.”

Did that mean I shouldn’t care, or did he wanted me to care about it? Even if I looked at him, he gave no further explanation.

Well, I see.

When I stared at him with a spoon in my mouth, he looked back at me as if he was imploring me upon the purpose of my gaze towards him. Both of us had been facing each other for a long time.

Suddenly, my dad smiled and reached out to me. He then stroked my hair just like that. ‘Hey, dad, everything’s alright, but could you please give pat me gently? You’re making my hair look like dog fur.

However, no one ever listened to me. This man just ignored my voice completely. I thought that my words were really appetizing, though, damn it.

“I want this!”

“It’s mine.”

Yes. I knew that it’s yours. I was trying to eat it because it’s yours.

I grinned as I grabbed the plate in front of Caitel.

“So you won’t give it to me?”

‘When I’m this cute?’

As I stared at him while smiling, he looked at me and handed me his plate.

“Take it.”

That’s right. You should just give up like this, Your Majesty. Yay!