Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 162

Now that I was old enough and could do my own thing, Serira did not have to stay by my side all the time to take care of me. Thus, I now had more time with Assisi than with Serira. First of all, Assisi followed me wherever I went. Serira’s job these days was to pack my clothes, tell me about my duties, or help me with my responsibilities.


Entering the restaurant with Assisi, Caitel already started eating his meal.

Look at this father of mine? I didn’t eat my meal when I was starving just so we could eat together! However, he could not wait for me just because he was hungry? This bastard.

I sat beside Caitel with a gaze filled with anger, and Assisi sat in front of me. Then, as if waiting for us to come, the maids brought our dinner on our table.

Wow, that looked delicious! Was today’s dinner menu meat? Meat, meat!

“What’s that dirt on your clothes?”

“Hmm? What’s on it?”

I looked down at my clothes when Caitel pointed at them, but there was nothing on it.

What the hell was he looking at anyway? The clothes I was wearing were an ivory-colored dress. It only had a plain pattern with some jewels for emphasis embroidered on the sleeve… wait… don’t tell me?

“Oh, this? It’s just a decoration.”


My father became speechless. Caitel turned his head and continued eating his meal. Hmm?



While I ate meat with a fork, I kept calling daddy, who stayed silent. He didn’t turn his head at me or answered my call.

“Dad, are you embarrassed?”

Right? Was that the case?

I smiled and asked Caitel, and he turned his head, looking at me slightly. I smiled brightly.

“Come on, I know it all. Please be honest with me. Are you embarrassed? Is that it?”

Dad turned his head the opposite way. It’s really pitiful to see him eat in silence.

‘You know what, daddy? Even though you do this, I’m not gonna let this go easy.’ As my he felt my strong will, Caitel, who was silently chewing meat, opened his mouth.

“The food is too salty. Has the head chef gone crazy?”

‘It’s all right. I get it.’

Caitel glared at me. It was a glare filled with a murderous spirit. I was so surprised that I couldn’t… just kidding! I saw that expression of his all the time. I just smiled at him.

Old people say that one couldn’t spit on a smiling face. Dad knew that I didn’t mean to do it, right? It was all because I liked him. This was something called a public display of affection.

Yes, it’s an expression of love. Maybe.