Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 161

“Oh, so you are saying that my commands are meaningless?”

“I always listen to your commands.”


I felt like I was talking to a wall.

This man was basically saying that he would not obey my commands!

My guardian knight actively ignored me!

My chief maid actively ignored me too!

What the hell even was my life!?

“Princess has nothing to worry about.”

“But, I do worry.”

“It’s okay.”

“What if I’m not okay?”

No, I was not okay! I was not! It’s not just him!

So this was how it felt like to fume from feeling such profound frustrations. I really liked Assisi, but sometimes, I really wanted to wallop him. I would rather play with Dranste. He just didn’t listen to me.

Well, I was in a position wherein so many people around me had a reason to be overprotective of me. Still, Assisi was the best out of all those people in this regard. Of course, both my father or Serria protected me even if I was in a bit of a precarious situation. Still, they didn’t do as much as Assisi. He truly believed that if I fell out of my bed while sleeping, I could die.

However, who’s going to die because they fell out of their bed anyway?

I didn’t understand how the hell he managed to live through that bloody battlefield.

Well, he was doing better now, though. I just remembered when Assisi first became my guardian knight. Back then, it was really…

It was hard to describe. This man was so worried that I might die while eating my meal and worried that I might die from playing around with Graecito in the Garden. When I tried to sleep in bed with Caitel, he stood beside the bed with his eyes wide open the whole night. When I tried to read a book, he was worried that I might get a paper cut and die out of it. What on earth had he been doing to be this much of a paranoid? I seriously wanted to ask him. I felt like he would worry that I might die because the sky might fall.

… Oh, geez. I actually thought he would worry about it.

No! I should stop thinking about that!

“Okay, the mountain is a mountain, and the water is water. This is our life and how life flows to death.”

We came into this world empty-handed, and we would leave it empty-handed…

It seemed that I had become a believer in religion more than ever before in spite of my unintentional rebirth. Still, I guess this was just my melancholic feeling.