Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 160

Now, I was pretty tall, but I didn’t feel like I was growing up at all because there were only very tall men around me. I think I would be a tramp like this forever.

“They are probably on the hill.”

“You think so too?”

Well, it was apparent where those little troublemakers would go.

I nodded in agreement, and Assisi looked down at me again. I grinned and grabbed his sleeve.

Let’s go to the hills, the hills!

“Assisi, you’re not guarding my door up all night these days, right?”


I had thrown anything at the top of the agenda to change the topic, but Assisi’s response was not what I expected. I glanced back at Assisi.

Assisi avoided my eyes.

What was he doing?

It was as if I unexpectedly caught a gigantic fish. ‘Oh, don’t tell me you are doing it.’ However, my suspicions grew deeper since Assisi kept avoiding my gaze.

‘Well, you know, this is ridiculous, but…’

“Don’t tell me you’re still guarding my door.”

For real!?

Seriously, really? Up until now? I guessed my gaze, along with the silent words I utter, was unbearable. Assisi kept avoiding my gaze. Look at him. That was when a little voice slipped in.

“Only sometimes.”

Sometimes what?

“Only sometimes, when I can’t sleep.”

“I told you to stop doing that!”

‘Don’t do that even if you can sleep or not! You’re not my puppy! Stop guarding the door like a puppy and stop staying up all night before my door!’

My voice made Assisi shy as he avoided my gaze. ‘Hey, you bastard!’

I heaved a sigh. I was so embarrassed. Seriously. However, this had humored me. I had been telling this guy to stop his antics. I had been scolding him. I even intimidated and threatened him, so I thought he’s doing better now. I guessed we were back on square one.

‘You’re the shape memory alloy! Are you some kind of new material?’

“But Princess, It’s okay. I like it, and I want to do it.”

‘… Don’t say that with such a proud look, will you? It’s crazy when you do things that someone like you wouldn’t do. Don’t tell me what’s right or wrong. Oh, my head.’

“Really! Stop doing that! You are not even listening to me, are you?”

“I always listen to what the princess says.”

“Yes, you listen, but you never act upon them! Are you sure you are my guardian knight?”

“I will disobey you to protect you.”

‘Oh, wow. Look at this dude.’