Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 158 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 158

Chapter 158: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 158

Assisi just smiled in disarray, directing his gaze away from Elene’s nagging. Elene didn’t stop blabbing about me, although Assisi was already looking elsewhere.

She really thought that I was a sitting duck. A duck!

“You can’t just treat children so tough like the Emperor does, but you, sir, spoil her too much! That’s why the princess is so manipulative. Why do you let her hold your leash? You’re Ria’s guardian for crying out loud!”

The mountains were steep, and the water was tranquil.

Was this the same Elene who was afraid of Assisi and couldn’t even speak, let alone stand beside him, and avoided him every day three years ago? Really?

I felt a little strange. Oh, humans were such adaptable creatures, after all.

Suddenly, I recalled Assisi’s first day as my guardian knight.

… The adaptability of human beings far exceeded that of cockroaches.

People used to avoid and called him a dark knight. They saw him as a grim ripper from hell. They were all worried about me. However, now, it felt like they were entirely different people. Now, they would flip their blame and say that I was the one who played around with Assisi. They would advise him that he shouldn’t let me hold his leash.

“You’re to blame too, princess! Do you think Assisi is your pet? Although he always chased you like a lost child and although he thinks that you’re a spineless person and although he listens to every word you say, he is still your guardian knight!”

Oh, now she’s saying that he’s my pet!?

Although Assisi timidly rebutted her by saying, “I don’t follow all her commands,” his ant-like voice died down quickly after seeing Elene’s eyes.

‘Assisi, if you would back down, then what’s the point of doing it?

At that moment, I heard the voice of an angel. Was this a sign of God?

“Elene, that’s enough.”

Elene, who was about to start her second verse with a high-stakes attitude, immediately softened her expression. Both Assisi and I brightened at that moment.

Serira! That’s my mom.

Serira smiled brightly and put my snack on the table that she brought from the kitchen. I got up at once and ran to Serira and gave her a big hug. Mom!

“Serira, you are too soft to the princess too!”

“But you’re soft to her, too, Elene.”

That gospel defeated Elene on the spot.

Oh, was she really human? Perhaps she’s an angel? Was she an angel?

Elene still looked unhappy, but I was even happier.