Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 157 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 157

Chapter 157: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 157

Every year, such an indescribable birthday gift would destroy my mind. At this point, there were rumors among the nobles that the king might someday give Agrigent to me as a birthday present.

By this time, I was scared whenever my birthday drew near. I didn’t even know what I would get any more! I’d rather have the jewels I got on my second birthday or the rabbit he gave me when I was three years old.

“Oh, come to think of it, where’s this pig? I brought him out for a walk, I’m sure.”

I looked around in a hurry to find Pibbit, but I couldn’t see the big guy who loved to show off his strong presence.

Where the hell did that pig go?

Then Elene, who was brushing my hair beside me, replied.

“Oh, he looked at Tosil and followed her.”

“Oh, that rabbit!”

The nerve of it to leave its master alone and go after its wife?!

Tosil was Pibbit’s wife, and unlike our Pibbit, she was a typical rabbit with big ears and cute ears. When Pibbit was old enough to marry, Ferdel brought a rabbit. Once they saw each other, they fell in love and became parents to four sons and three daughters.

I suppose so, but… Someone should explain why their children all resembled Pibbit. Explain why they did not look anything like Tosil, but only like Pibbit! Was it a genetic mystery? Huh? What kind of hereditary disaster happened here?

“Lia, stop frowning. Your knight is nervous!”

However, my future was too dark!

I had shown my protestations, but Elene shook her head firmly.

However, she’s unusually cold these days. When I was young, she said that I was one of a kind. She said that I was the cutest! I was not cute anymore because I was not a baby anymore, though! Since I’m all grown up, she didn’t need me anymore!

“I’m fine.”

Since it’s awkward for him to be the cause of our fight, he tried to dissuade us. I turned to Elene as soon as I heard him.

“Look, he says he’s fine!”

She was scolding me because she got nothing to say!

However, Elene didn’t back off even though Assisi said he was fine. She shook her head and placed her hands on her waist.

“Haven’t you seen the knight every day? He always says it’s okay even though it’s not okay!”

“What if it’s really okay!?”

“No! It can’t really be okay!”

The arrow shot Assisi.

“You’re the same! You overindulge her too much, and because of that, she thinks everything’s okay! Doing that ruins a child!

A man was getting scolded at the age of 30.

I wanted to give him the title of “The dignified black knight” as an epithet, but it would inevitably result in crushing the dreams and hopes of all the knights, right?