Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 156 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 156

Chapter 156: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 156

Now that I had thought about it, I suddenly felt a headache and grabbed my head. Assisi looked down at me with a worried look. However, without worrying about it, I had come up with a list of birthday gifts I had ever received from Caitel.

The birthday gift I received when I was four was another garden that’s almost as beautiful as the winter garden. The gift he gave me on my fifth birthday was a separate palace in Logrot, south of Agrigent. Last year, he gifted me land that nobleman had confiscated, and this year’s birthday gift was…

“Are you okay, Princess?”

No. It’s just that I had become speechless of what my dad gifted me for my seventh birthday. It was still shocking and scary to think about now.

Yeah, well, the birthday present I got when I was seven was…

It was the knightage.

I was about to flip.

Well, yeah, knights, good. Yeah, it’s not like I hated it.

However, the problem was the fact that he had given me one of the four great Knights of Agrigent, that followed only the Emperor. What the hell!

I would not have been so shocked and frightened if he had created a new Knights for me or took a regular private Knight from one of the nobles. If that were the case, then I wouldn’t be so surprised. I had grown accustomed to that! However, what was I supposed to do if he handed a Knights of the Imperial Household to me! They had never served anyone else other than the Emperor throughout history, and they told me that it was okay for me to do whatever I wanted with them? I didn’t know if he knew what it felt like to have the appalling grandfather bureaucrats glaring at me whenever I went.

He just gave full authority to a seven-year-old to use a knight unconditionally. For some reason, I could understand why other knights wanted to cry upon hearing this news.

I wanted to cry, too.

No, well, the gifts he had given me before had never been normal. They made that garden by destroying an entire palace just because I was always playing around the winter tree garden. The castle in Logrot was the Emperor’s summer house, which was one of the most splendid palaces in the continent. The land that I received last year was a land of milk and honey, coveted by all nobles.

Still, knights… This wasn’t good!

I thought I’d get jewelry or dresses at best for my birthday. Wasn’t that the usual things rich parents give to their children? I had to guess what I’d get if I’d had a lot of money. Other gifts were never subtle ones. Still, the ridiculousness of each gift was overshadowed by what he would give next year since Caitel’s gifts were beyond the four dimensions.

Nevertheless, this isn’t a good thing!