Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 155 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 155

Chapter 155: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 155

Hey, follow me!

It’s been four years since Assisi became my guardian knight.

My age at the moment was seven years old. Oh, I was getting old too.

My body was seven years old, but my mind was already thirty. I’m 30! It was such a shock.

Graecito was already nine years old when his birthday hit, and the twins, who were once babies, were now old enough to talk and run. I felt like my life was being threatened, haha.

Seven. Yeah, I was seven, but just because I was seven didn’t mean anything changed. Still, my life was in the dark, lost in the darkness.

Well, there were a few differences and developments in my life…

Now I could swear well, and I could swear in the Agrigent language, and I could learn how to scold and sneer?

… I couldn’t help but cry after listing all these things I could supposedly do.

“I don’t see any hope.”

My poor life…

It’s okay, though. There’s still hope! Yeah, I couldn’t see it, but it must be somewhere!

… Right?

I felt that my hopes were gone. I was screwed.

I sat still while eating chocolate as tears suddenly burst into my eyes, and Assisi, who was standing beside me, looked back at me with wonder.

He looked at me to inquire if there are any issues with me, but I just smiled at him and said, “It’s nothing.” Nevertheless, he still looked worried.

‘I’m fine, Assisi. This kind of ordeal is nothing.’

I at least felt like my life was not threatened to end anytime soon anymore. It was a miracle that I was still alive!

“No, let’s think about it. There must be something better. Yes, there should be!”

There couldn’t be any! I’d cry out of self-pity if I couldn’t do anything for myself!

I had been thinking about it for dear life, but… There was only one thing that had gotten better, no matter how much I thought about it. I had become a master when it came to charming people in the last six years that I had been alive.

… Should I just die again?

Oh, no, there’s another one.

“Betty, get me some more chocolate.”

“Yes, Princess.”

I had more maids now.

Yeah, I had gotten a lot of people following me now! Every time I went anywhere, at least ten servants would follow me. Of course, compared to the people following Caitel, my followers were nothing.

Above all, when Caitel moved, it almost felt like the entire palace would move along with him.

However, I heard that there was an estimate which said that there were at least 40 people following him. I mean, what kind of life did previous emperors lived? Anyway, this was how the imperial family surprised people with the scale of how things were around them.

Oh, the depth of the royal family suddenly gave me a headache.