Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 154 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 154

Caitel gave no answer. Assisi swallowed a bitter smile.

“I know that my request… betrays the oath I took when I vowed to be your knight. I know that very well. If you ask for my life instead, I will gladly give it. If you ask me to head into endless battles again, I will follow your orders. However, I will not be able to hold back my wish to stay by her side until my last breath.”

Suddenly, thoughts of the past came to mind. I thought I was dirty and detestable. He was the first person who… offered me, someone who was wallowing in despair without a reason to live, a hand.

“Do you remember the day we first met?”

An emotionless voice spoke, and his tone was very casual. Assisi thought that Caitel didn’t change. His master had been a secluded man since he was a child.

“You were kneeling just like this on that day as well, and I looked down at you with no concern.”

The place was also the same. When I visited the palace, I always came here. Assisi bowed his head. The children had already grown up like this.


Assisi rose his head upon hearing the voice calling him.

“You were never stained.”

Assisi was firm as he clenched his lips. He did not know what to say to those reddened eyes. At that moment, Caitel smiled. It was a weak smile that he’d never seen before, but it soon disappeared.

“I shall grant your request.”

A stern voice ordered him.

“You shall be appointed as Princess Ariadna’s royal knight.”

I couldn’t even thank him. I didn’t think he’d really accept my request.

Assisi bit his lips with overwhelming emotion.

“But you are still my lord.”

Caitel laughed with a broad smile that was different from the one before. It was a refreshing, bright smile.

“What an honor.”


The weather was clear on July 1, Hardeiun 511.

Serira was too soft on the princess! She should be stricter.

Today, the princess ate pudding and chocolate cake as a snack. It’s a special snack that the chef made, but I still worry about her calorie intake.

What if she gained weight?

… but even if she did gain some weight, my princess would still be pretty.

Somehow, the princess seemed like she loved playing tricks these days, but I guess I was just seeing things. Actually, there’s a reason why I wrote this down…

Today was the first time the princess went into my arms. Oh my, how small and warm a child was. Oh, I felt like I wanted to show her off somewhere.

Oh, my princess was so cute.

-Excerpts from a royal court maid’s diary.-