Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 151 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 151

“… I’ve seen your daughter.”

“I know. I’m the one who introduced her to you.”

“Not then.”

His outright denial impressed Caitel. Assisi added, regardless.

“I saw her even before you introduced her to me.”

‘I saw her after that as well.’

It was something that happened for a short while, but it still remained strong in my mind. She was no different than the ones I had to slain and killed.

It was amazing.

It was so terrific that I couldn’t understand how small creatures could always be so magnificent. It felt like just a little hard squeeze would destroy it. However, I couldn’t believe how that little body, with that little hand, was breathing and living on this earth as I did.

“The princess has such a beautiful smile.”

I could hear the news of the Imperial Palace from far away.

I heard that the Lord’s daughter was born in the land where hundreds die, and hundreds were killed every day. The news that the Lord did not kill his daughter was an instant hit to everyone who knew him. She was accepted as a princess, but back then, I didn’t think much of it.

As usual, I was so tired of the sins that were oppressing me, and I was just falling into a downward spiral. I thought that it wouldn’t matter even if I saw her.

However, when I saw her face, everything changed.

I swore an oath that I would do anything to pay for my sins, but I knew what I was doing to repent would result in more sins. Someone like me, whose existence alone was a sin, would be better off dead.

Even while dwelling in that hell of despair, I clung to one fleeting hope. Maybe someone would need me. Perhaps someone could love me. I knew that it would never happen, but then…

I met her.

This kind of life lived in this world.

What kind of blessing was that? That fresh, innocent eyes of hers that had seen no evil in this world and the warmth of that hand in my arms was something I could never forget. That warmth almost burned my hand. That small body that was trying to hug me. That warmth was real.

“Speak up.”

I raised my head on that loud, deep voice. Our eyes met.

“Don’t you have something you wish to tell me?”

No matter how hard I tried to hide behind a blank expression, my Lord could always tell and would pry the truth from me.