Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 150 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 150

– End. Assisi

The night of the stars was cold.

It had been a long time since I stepped into this garden, but the garden consoled the traveler who returned from time to time in his memory with the same look. Assisi had to stand on top of it and endured the overflowing emotion with his teeth clenched.

Sss- I heard the sound of the wind blowing.

The sway of the winter trees in the wind makes it hard for him to hear things. He fell on his knees under it and suddenly looked up at the shining winter tree. The consolation of the silent tree resolved the soul of a knight in despair.

I didn’t remember when it happened. I couldn’t remember when I started sitting on my knees in front of this tree during this time of absence. I couldn’t remember at all when I began to do this. I knew that it had been a long time, but I didn’t know exactly how long it had been. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter. Assisi truly enjoyed this time.

Without thinking, just looking at the Winter tree always calmed his boiling thoughts like a lie. The endless questions and anguish also disappeared. Thus, he had always been near this tree.

Was this what death looked like?

“Are you still confessing to the winter tree?”

With a strange voice, Assisi raised his head. He looked surprised, but soon, that expression disappeared. It came from Caitel, who somehow didn’t fall asleep. The knight smiled a little at the familiar look of his lord. However, he was in too much despair to smile.

“My sins can’t be cleansed, no matter how many times I confess.”

My sins would not be forgiven even if I repented a thousand times.

I would only feel guilty for the things that I had done. Still, I couldn’t stop confessing because I couldn’t let go of this futile hope that someday, this might all end.

A deep silence subsided between the two. The silence that no one would break and no one was thinking of breaking. He knew that the reason was all because of him, but Assisi knew that his lord did not like it when he opened his mouth.

Nevertheless, he felt strangely moved today.

“I’ve seen your daughter.”

Assisi’s low voice echoed in the silence. Caitel turned his head indifferently.

Their eyes met in the air.