Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 148 - The Emperor’s Daughter

He did not give a word of reply. I looked up at him in wonder.

“Princess, you really… are you really not afraid of me?”

‘Are we going over this again? I think you are the one who’s scared, not me…’

A silent sigh escaped out of my mouth.

Sheesh, just talking to him won’t work. I suppose I’ll have to show him.

I pulled Assisi’s arm, making him wince. I was holding a hand that seems to be over twice my size. I then put his arms on my cheek.


“I like Assisi. Do you not like me?”

I could see Assisi’s face as I looked at him.

“No. That’s not it.”

His slightly puzzled expression made him seem like a frightened child.

“I like you.”

Hearing that someone liked me was so delightful. I smiled. Assisi sent a somehow distressed look onto my bright smile. Why was he hesitating so much?

“I’m just… concerned.”


Trying to speak, Assisi bit his lips. I felt a little pity for his red lips. I waited Calmly until Assisi opened his mouth. Pibbit was sniffing and trying to rush me, but I did not care.

‘Pibbit, you are not the problem now.’

“Is it really okay for someone like me to stay by your side, Princess?”

I frowned upon hearing that question.

“What’s so bad about Assisi?”

I couldn’t understand his behavior, so I’d need to be more persistent. I then stepped closer to him. As soon as I went near him, Assisi’s eyes widened.

“Of course, you can stay with me. You’re the most amazing knight in the world to me!”

Was he touched? It seemed like he didn’t know what to say.

Somehow, I felt sorry because he seemed so touched. Why was he so innocent? Now I appeared terrible for not being as pure as him. I looked at Assisi, and he blinked as if he didn’t know where to look. Assisi suddenly bowed.

“Please forgive me, Princess.”

Then he pulled out his captured hand and ran away. This bastard! Nevertheless, I don’t really feel like chasing after him today. I felt like he would cry if I caught him. What was he so sorry for anyway?

“Isn’t he an odd one, Pibbit?”

As if he agreed with me, Pibbit sniffed. I squatted down for a moment and patted Pibbit. I stroked the soft fur in my hands.