Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 147 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 147

Since that day, I had been trying to listen for any rumors from maids, but thankfully, there was no word of a slaughter. It looked like daddy just let them go. It was a real relief.

“I have to leave early today.”

“To see your grandmother?”


Graecito nodded as he handed me the Pibbit in his arms. Luckily, Graecito’s grandmother was getting better these days. Serira had been quite worried and paid a lot of attention to her, so it’s great to hear that. I nodded, and Graecito grinned.

“Then I’ll see you soon!”

“Okay, see you!”

Elene took Graecito’s hand and went out of the palace. I waved at Graecito until he was out of my sight.

“Shall we go back inside too?”

“Shall we?”

Because of what Serira said, I realized that it was time to return to the palace. It would be dinnertime soon. However, when I saw Pibbit wriggling in my arms, I thought that I should stay outside a bit longer. Oh, I still couldn’t tell if this was a pig or a rabbit?

“I’ll walk Pibbit a little. He should lose some weight. I mean, look at him!”

“Then I’ll be here. Get ready to return.”


While Serira cleaned up the messes that Graecito and I made, I moved my feet to walk around for a bit. The Pibbit was fluttering and sniffing.

“Let’s move a little more, Pibbit. You need to lose weight. Understand?”

Pibbit moved in my voice. Yes, succeed in diet and become a slim bunny. We have to show Caitel that we could do it! It thrilled me to see that Pibbit moved faster than usual and seemed like he was willing to join my ambitious plan. Following him while humming along, I suddenly found a man coming into my sight.

“Huh? Oh, it’s Assisi!”

I called Assisi’s name, and he looked back at me in the far distance. However, as soon as he saw me, he stiffened and tried to run away. No, this man, I swear, come back!


Was this jerk really running away from me again?

However, this time, it was a little different from before. He stopped when I called him again. Thanks to this, I could catch him even though I was with Pibbit.

“Assisi, why are you here? Are you avoiding me again when you saw me?”

“N, no. it’s not like that.”

“Then why won’t you come near me?”

He did not give a word of reply. I looked up at him in wonder.