Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 144

I quickly emptied the bowl and put the fork down. Beside me, Serira reached out to take me to the bathroom. I, who came down to the chair with the help of Serira, looked back at Caitel for a moment.

“Daddy, I’m going to go wash now!”

Caitel nodded after hearing my voice. It’s the same reaction he would usually have, but something’s disturbing about it this time. On top of that, his response felt like it had a twinge of bitterness into it. I was standing still looking at my dad, not knowing why he felt so down when suddenly, Caitel gave a faint smile.

“Come back soon.”

“I will!”

I nodded as if I was waiting and came out of the dining area while holding Serira’s hand. I wasn’t waiting for him to say something. Still, I felt a little less anxious when he said something to me. What if he is planning to execute them while I was gone, though?

“You should go to the bathroom first.”

“All right.”

I went to the bathroom, alright? As I strode along, a black suddenly shadow appeared beside me. I was surprised, but when I realized that It was Dranste, my shock lessened. I was startled, but I was already used to it. Oh, whatever was happening to me?

“I realize something yet again.”

Out of the blue, Dranste opened his mouth. What was he talking about now? I looked up at him calmly.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re probably the only one.”

What did he mean by the only one? I tilted my head.

“You’ll probably be the only one who could do that here.”

Did he take his medication? What a load of crap was he spouting suddenly? His quiet voice felt as if it was hypnotizing me.

What was the one? What did he mean when he said that I’m the only one?

However, before I could even find an answer to those questions of mine, Dranste finished his words.

“The only one who can approach Caitel.”

His voice was so firm that it’s hard for me to refute it. As if it was not something that I should take for granted, Dranste shrugged his shoulders. I felt kind of dumbfounded. How come this conversation just popped out of nowhere all of a sudden? It used to be a little abrupt, but now it seemed that he had upped his game. What made him think this way?

“Are you saying that I’m the only one who could approach Caitel?”

What kind of new bullshit did he just reveal to me?

“Is it because I’m his daughter? You think he’d show favor to me just because of that?”

“Of course not.”

If not, then what was his intention when he said those words earlier? I frowned, and Dranste lifted me. I had to go to the bathroom. Serira came to mind, but somehow, I couldn’t tell him to let me go. I stared at Dranste’s eyes. That solemn gaze of his glowed blue.