Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 143

“Dad, I’m cold! And I’m hungry, too.”

I sounded like I didn’t have money… was I a beggar?

I might end up crying because of my pitiful position, but… my daddy should just look at me. ‘Weren’t I cute? Huh? Huh? Let’s go, okay?’ I was looking at him with such pleading eyes, see? Did he see this?! I looked cute, right? No? That’s weird. My cuteness was the cuteness that pierces the sky.

“We should head back.”

Great, my charms worked.

Caitel turned around with me in his arms. I hugged Caitel’s neck again as my face brightened in an instant. My dad was the best! I was just a bit worried that he might give a sign to his entourage when he turned around.

Still, he would not kill them, right?

As soon as I returned to the palace, I had dinner that they prepared beforehand. According to my schedule, I had to wash first before having dinner, but Caitel said he would have dinner first before taking a bath later. Nom, nom. Yummy, yummy. While eating my precious meal, Caitel, who was sitting in front of me, gazed at me with the fury of a thunderstorm.

“Why were you there like that earlier?”

He looked at me while resting his chin on his hand. I gulped down the food in my mouth and agonized what I should reply to him. Even though he looked indifferent, my father was still a madman. This was a prelude to a catastrophic disaster. If I told him the truth here, Tylenia would die. I didn’t want that to happen!

“I met the lady while going for a walk.”

“Which one?”

“The blonde lady.”

Well, so far, I had told the truth. How should I explain the rest? To start off, that blonde lady really loved this man! Thus, she must have loved me too! Then Layla protected me… ah, if I recalled that event this way, then he would definitely execute her. It’s this man’s obsession with the death penalty. Ah, my brain hurts; I need to give it some boost!

“Why were they arguing?”

“Umm, because I’m so cute and lovely?”


Okay, my bad. I felt sorry.

I didn’t know what it was, but I felt like I had to apologize to him. Daddy’s silence was oppressive. It was too heavy.

“They fought about who should play with me!”

I didn’t know anymore. I should just make something up impromptu.

With the sternest expression on his face, I talked as much as I could.

“The blonde lady said she likes me. Then Layla said she likes me more. They started arguing because both of them wanted to play with me.”

It really sounded like incoherent nonsense even if I heard it, but Caitel asked nothing further. He then laughed with a subdued stare.

“Is that so?”


‘Don’t kill either Layla or blonde lady, then Okay, daddy?’