Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 141

“Are you her nanny?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“May I take her to my chambers for a short while? She’s so pretty, I simply must give her some cookies.”

What did she say? I eat plenty of cookies all the time! I looked at Serira in tears. Mom, you’re not gonna hand me over to her, are you? Don’t hand me to her! But my mom doesn’t have any power. Damn, I can’t help it. Now I have feet! I should just run for my life when I see the chance.

Things went like this, I looked back to find Elene and run. But Elene was not there. Oh, what the hell!

“Why won’t you answer? You dare deny my request?”

Can’t you tell? My mom doesn’t want to let you take me! She’s just conflicted since she can’t be rude to a princess. It’s a shame I’m still only a child. If I was just a bit older, I’d tell her to leave right away.

“Then I’ll take her. Come along, Princess.”

What is going on?! My mom never said okay, you know?! And I don’t want to go!

“Why are you making this so difficult? Come, pretty princess.”

It’s unnecessary to buttering up. I don’t like you anyway!

“Tulee, you hold her too.”

This princess is now just trying to kidnap me! I had no choice but to run away, so I got out of Serira’s arms, but Tylenia’s entourage seized me as soon as I try to escape. Just when will my rights and freedom get any respect here?! Oh, really, help anyone!

“How despicable, Princess Tylenia.”

I can hear someone else’s voice as if someone heard the voice of my heart. I turned my head to that familiar voice. The person who’s in my sight, standing alone with a book in one hand, without any entourage was…


It was Layla.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was passing by and came over since it was so loud.”

A tense air is rapidly flowing between the two women.

I looked at Layla like a savior after a long time.

Aah, I never thought I’d be so happy to see Layla! If it wasn’t for Tylenia, I’d run right into her arms…But soon she stared Tylenia with a scary face.

“Don’t you think your jealousy is aimed at the wrong person?”

“What did you say?”

“If that’s not the case then are you so blind by your own jealousy you can’t even treat an innocent child with decency?”

As if it was some kind of trigger, Tylenia’s face got stiff at that moment. The furious look appears on her face.