Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 140

Holding hands with Serira, I choose any walking road along the trail from the Garden, where the winter tree is. Elene was following us behind with a discontented look. Oh, come to think of it, Elene is always with me too. I’m so used to her being next to me.

When I turn around, I see eye to eye with Elene. My smile at the moment brightened Elene’s face.

“It’s been a while since we took a walk together, Princess.”

“Yes, it has.”

“We’ll do it often from now on.”

Yeah, we should do that.

“Wait, Princess!”

Huh? I stopped by Elene’s voice and almost tripped over a stone. Serira quickly grabs my body and sighs of relief. I had to laugh because I was sorry.

I heard that childrearing is a series of wars, and I guess that is true. She’s still at war today. After looking for anything else on the floor, Serira puts me back on the floor. And as soon as I tried to walk the road again, I see strange crowd far after us.

My father carries a lot of entourages, but there are many people too. It was a stark contrast to me, who had only two members as my entourages. It seems like it’s some kind of envoy since there are so many entourages. However, almost all of the envoys staying in Agrigent have now returned to their home countries and only a few of them left. I heard they will meet again in Phantom and the moon’s city of Tiepolo anyway.

Well, is that a real envoy?

At that moment my eyes met someone in the group. Uh, huh?

“We met last time, didn’t we?”

Wasn’t it an envoy? It makes me even scarier to see her smiling face as soon as she sees me.

Yes, we did meet last time. Unfortunately, the owner of the leading pack was Princess Tylenia of Andourse, whom I had seen before. The glossy golden hair flows down to the feet. I hated this woman for some reason, though she was as beautiful as Silvia.

“Oh, what is the matter with our princess?”

Shrugging off the hand holding my shoulder and hiding behind Serira, Serira makes an embarrassing face. But I can’t help it. I don’t like her. For some reason, I remembered the princess of Pretzia, who held me when I was younger. I feel similar when I’m around her.