Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 139

A month had passed before I even realized it. It was already June.

For some reason, I was more excited than usual about that fact. If one would ask me why then I’ll give them an answer! It was because of the Acclis. Now, after 15 days, I’ll be able to see the giant moon Acclise with my own eyes half a month from now.

Honestly, I didn’t think much about it, but Elene kept making a big deal about it, so I’m excited about it, too. I was looking outside of the window today with some excitement, Serira, who was cleaning up the room, came and sat beside me.

“Princess, how about we go for a walk since the weather is so nice?”

“Really? I like walking!”

Yes, I did want to walk! Serira laughed as I got so happy about her suggestion. The sun had not set yet, and the weather was superb. It’s a perfect time to take a walk. However, Elene stopped us.

“But your Majesty will be here soon.”

Both of us couldn’t say anything to her. It’s definitely time to go to bed after dinner. Still, I couldn’t give up my lingering feelings for a walk. I looked out the window and saw Serira.

“Then we can’t go for a walk?”

Serra frowned after seeing my teary eyes. Elene gave me a stern look to show her refusal regarding what I had just said, but that was when I clung to Serira. I really wanted to go for a walk. I always went out for a walk for Pibbit, but it’s rare for me to take my time and enjoy my walk. Would Serira, refuse when I looked this cute and pretty? Huh? Huh?

Serra sighed in the end, as I kept begging her with my cute face.

“Then let’s go quickly.”

Yes! A walk!

Elene protested with a dissatisfied look, but I was excited about it and came out with my coat. A thin coat swayed upon the evening breeze that brought the night away. Oh, it’s cool.

The night before summer arrived, and it was always refreshing.

It’s nice to go on a quiet walk like this with my mother. Come to think of it, I was always with Serira, but it had been a long time since I was alone with her like this. As I began to walk, speak, and learn about others, I realized that I did not have enough have time to chat with Serira. Of course, I liked those changes, but… I had missed this a bit, the time when there were only two of us.