Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 136 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 136

“Children cry when he approaches them, so he stays far away even though he wants to see them up close. He hides or runs away when they notice him. What else should I call him besides an idiot?”

I was lost in thought for a while and then suddenly came to my senses.

Huh? Wait, Sil, what did you say?

“He runs and hides?”

That’s what he had been doing to me! As I asked her, Sil looked down at me. Still, her voice was soft and kind.

“Does Assisi not do that in front of you?”

“No, he runs away whenever he sees me.”

Right, that foolish man ran away all the time.

I was not a bug or some kind of disease! He always ran away whenever I tried to go near him. That’s my biggest concern these days.

“Isn’t that because I’m ugly?”

“I’m certain that’s not it. You’re beautiful, my Princess.”

Oh, of course, Draneste’s words were just like a dog’s bark. Bowwow.

Yeah, how dare he say I was ugly when I was so pretty! No way, of course.


“Yes, Princess.”

“Assisi doesn’t hate me, does he?”

Ferrell laughed at my question.

“Of course not. His wish is probably to see you up-close.”

“Is that so?”

So, that’s how he was…okay, good.

Thanks to Silvia and Ferdel, after learning why Assisi had been avoiding me, I came up with a master plan.

I called it…

Project befriend Assisi!

The plan was to stick with Assisi whether he liked it or not, but to my surprise, an opportunity soon came to me. WAs it that God pushed me to connect with you?

“Princess, what is it?”

As I looked at my backside, Serira asked. I brought an index finger to my mouth to tell her to keep it down.

Be quiet, mom. I shouldn’t let Assisi notice me.

Serira tilted her head a little at my serious expression.

Now! At that moment, I turned my head.


Our eyes met. I felt a little proud when I saw his golden-green eyes filled with shock. I was not afraid of him! He can come closer to me then. However, contrary to my wishes, he ran away from me right away.

Oh no!

“Hey, where are you going?”

Oh my God. if he would run, I would chase him until he stopped! I heard Serira calling me since I started to run fast suddenly, but I could not stop running because I decided to catch him today for sure. I am going to get you!

“Hey! Pardon me! Sir!”

I thought he might stop if I chased after him, but he’s running away with all his might.

Not only was he running, but he also hadn’t even looked back once! This cold-hearted man! Didn’t he feel bad for me for chasing after him?!

“I said, wait!”