Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 134

Although the war seemed like a popular topic these days, Ferdel’s twins were also a piece of big and major news people wrote the announcement of their birth on the front page of Agrigent Today.

The whole family gathered to celebrate; even the Marquis and Marchioness Vitervo returned from their vacation.

Marquis and Marchioness Vitervo were very kind and generous people, and I could not believe that they were Ferdel’s parents. Should I say that they were… too normal? The little problem was that even though they were not my real grandfather and grandmother, I felt like they were my real grandparents. However, I was merely thinking that way because they are so nice to me.

“Look at me! Do I look cute?”

“What is that? Stop it right now.”

“Are you saying that I’m not cute?”

“Stop it before I get angry.”

“Sil, you are so cold!”

No, I thought that her being cold was not the problem. ‘It’s you, you’re the problem.’

He finally put children’s pacifiers that he was putting in his mouth after hearing Sivia’s words. That’s the chancellor of this country… I shook my head while drinking orange juice.

Just looking at him made it hard to believe that people used to call him a genius since he was young. The Vitervo family was a traditional warrior family, and many of their generals commanded the royal soldiers for generations. Then came the mutiny, and with it… the rising intellectual star of Agrigent and first chancellor from the Vitervo family, Ferdel, rose into power.

It’s just as Ferdel said. He literally had everything. He was born as the youngest son to a family with many daughters; he’s so smart that he’s called the genius of the century; he even had great looks, and his family had power. Then there’s his wife Silvia.

“Princess, don’t you think Vall takes after me more?”

“Our Sanse looks more like me!”

Valltorte and San Sebastian.

That was the name of Silvia and Ferdel’s twins. It was difficult to tell them apart when they were first born, but it’s easier now that they had grown more. I guessed Valltorte and San Sebastian were not identical twins. Their hair color was also different. Still, it surprised me that neither of them had Silvia’s pink hair. Sanse had her pink eyes though.

“Princess, who do you think the twins take after more? Me or Ferdel?”

These two… should quit asking me these kinds of questions.