Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 133

Dranste sits on a chair while laughing maniacally at my shout.

“Come on, it’s been such a long time, yet you’re being so cold.”

“You’re the one who’s been away. Just where did you pop out from? What exactly have you been up to?”

“Let’s just say I had a lot of things to take care of.”

So that’s why he didn’t meet me for over a year? No, it’s been over a year. In my discontented gaze, Dranste moved his shoulder. I hadn’t seen him in a year, and he had changed little ever since. It seemed like I was the only who felt that time had passed.

“By the way, did you get cuter?”

“I was cute, to begin with!”

Dranste giggled when he heard my answer.

“Where does that confidence of yours come from?”

Hey! Did he need me to teach him a lesson? I raised my hand to give him a punch out of anger, and he grabbed it nonchalantly. No matter how hard I shook my hand to get it out of Dranste’s hand, it won’t fall out.

Oh, this was so annoying. When I gave up pulling my hand out, Dranste smilef and left a short kiss on the back of my hand. I was certain that he was the first person who liked the back of my hand that much.

“So have you finished your work?”

“Most of it, probably?”

“Then what have you been doing?”

“Sorting out the past?”

I wasn’t really curious, but I asked this because I had nothing else to say. I looked at him with a disinterested gaze, and he just smiled.

Sorting out the past, huh? What, did he get plastic surgery or something? Was he a part of a gang before? That’s all I could think of. Why was he sorting out the past? That’s such a weird thing to say.

“What, have you been breaking up with women?”

“Yes, quite a few.”

He spoke something so arrogantly as if it was a normal thing to say. I frowned at his response.

“You’re revolting.”

It’s annoying because he might be telling the truth. Oh, why must he look that good? It’s so unfair. People would avoid him only when he looked weird which mirrored his personality. Both Caitel and Dranste, they both have excessively beautiful faces even though they both had such sour personalities.

Draneste whined to my complaint.

“My princess is still as cold to me as ever.”

You made me cold. I was such a generous lady!

“Go away.”

I turned my head since I didn’t want to deal with him, but Dranste followed me regardless of what I had said. Why was he following me? If everyone could see him, then I would have kicked him out somehow. However, only I could see him, so he could follow me anywhere I go. Even if I went to the bathroom.

Of course, if he follows me to the bathroom, I’ll kill him.

“Please love me, Princess.”

“No way.”

Uh, what a pain.

Though he was kind of cute when he’s chasing after me like a puppy. However, I quickly changed my mind after hearing what he said while he was patting my head.

“Hey, why don’t we get married after 20 years?”

Haha. That’s funny. I answered with sincerity while looking at him sharply with a crumpled face.

“Get out and die.”