Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 132

Then, just a few days after they introduced me to Assisi, other things happened.

That day, I was playing with Graecito as usual. Then I met Assisi in the hallway of Solay Palace. Since it was such an unexpected reunion, I raised my hand in joy to wave and say hi at him but Assisi, who saw me, just ran away.


Well, yeah, he must be busy. I could understand that because I was a considerate princess.

However, the problem here was that it’s not the only issue. He kept doing that whenever he saw me. Just three days ago, I lost the ball I was holding while walking without thinking. Why was the ball round-shape? It’s round because it rolls. The ball rolled so hard that it fell into the lake nearby. I didn’t want to get wet, but I wanted to take the ball back. I was about to get into the lake to get it when suddenly… Assisi appeared in front of me; I didn’t know where he came from, but he dove into the lake in my stead and took the ball. It was nice of Assisi to get the ball for me even though he showed up out of nowhere. However, the moment I tried to say something to him, he ran away.

“Is this kind of game popular these days?”

Like, running away whenever I tried to say hello?

However, he did it too much for me to realize that it’s not a game. Even when I went for a walk, or when I was having a meal with Caitel, or when we ran into each other while speaking with Ferdel; whenever I saw him, I’d smile brightly and tried to talk to him, but strangely, Assisi would run away from me as soon as our eyes meet. He is so completely different from Ferdel, who would always try to talk to me every chance he got. Just what was his problem?!

“Did I do something wrong?”

It’s not like I knew him well enough to do him wrong. It’s fine if I just ignored it, but it didn’t feel good to know that Assisi was avoiding me since he’s such a beautiful person. Not to mention, he’s totally avoiding me! It made me sad! Seriously, why was he doing that!

“That’s because you have a weird face.”

“My face?”

“That’s right, it’s because you’re ugly.”

Oh, so that’s why!

“Yes. That’s why he runs when he sees you.”

That’s what it was!

… as if I’d believe that, jerk! I threw my hair accessory beside me, but Dranste avoided my attack by moving his body a few inches away. Oh, he’s such a jerk!

“Get lost now!”