Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 129

I didn’t know what was happening, so I should probably just laugh it off. He reached out to my head as I burst into laughter as well. However, even before his hand reached me, something flying before me had already distracted my senses.

Oh, it’s a butterfly! It was also a Spirit butterfly. Its translucent wing that was out of my reach fluttered through the wind. I followed the butterfly in its sudden appearance. Butterfly, where was it going, I wonder?

“Your Majesty!”

I turned around when I heard a sudden, strange voice. It was a very touching, pleasant voice. Who was it? Before I could even confirm who it was, my body bumped into someone. Nooo!

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, Your Majesty.”

Didn’t she see that she’s hitting people?

Fortunately, I didn’t fall, but I almost fell, so I quickly felt irritated.

‘Hey, that’s hit-and-run, you know?’

However, she didn’t even seem to realize that I was there. They could not spare a thought to children who were the future of the country, and they all thought of us as nothing but despicable little things. Where was this country headed to?

“You’re just as majestic as I’ve last seen you. Did you get hurt on the battlefield? Your Majesty, I really wanted to see you again.”

The voice that was speaking was just like an oriole. When I saw her, the first thing that caught my attention was her golden hair, which was shiny and silky like honey. It’s such a stark golden color. I felt like melting her hair would make one feel like they could make pure gold out of it.

However, who the hell was this woman that suddenly showed up, acting as if she’s someone close to my father? This was the first time I saw her face, but when she saw him, she looked as if she knew him for years and decades. Meanwhile, Caitel just looked at her coldly.

She is… pretty, not gonna lie. She certainly had this exotic charm in her.

“Who are you?”

“What? Oh, my name is Tylenia. Have you already forgotten me? I have been waiting for you to visit me all this time…”

Oh my, that must have hurt him. He’s rejecting her without even batting an eyelash…

“Or are you doing this because I refused you back then? I didn’t mean it. Your Majesty, please.”

Her dress and her jewelry showed that she was not just an ordinary princess. Those who seemed to have been after her hand must have known how outstanding she was.

Oh, by the way, I knew she couldn’t see me well since I was short, but would she please stop hitting me like this? I was still a part of the royal family! It’s really depressing. Would people start treating me like a human being once I grew up? Sob sob.

At that moment, I ended up slamming onto the ground.

Ouch, it hurt.