Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 126

The weather was very clear. On a day like this, it’s good to walk!

After all the busy meals and meetings, Caitel sometimes took me for a walk once in a few days to tell me that he is my father.

It was subtle whether I should say that he is a loving father who takes care of my daughter even when he is so busy or an evil lunatic who never stops playing with me when he is so busy. Well, it wasn’t that bad. If it were bad, I wouldn’t be smiling like this.

“You’ll fall down.”

“It’s fine!”

As soon as I speak, I lose my footing. I didn’t fall, but it was dangerous. Caitel is impressed by that. I ran first before my dad hugged me. We walk on foot!

Then you feel new, but Solay is a huge palace. Big garden, big palace. It’s like the capital of a small city called Hwanggung.

The sun is still warm in the sky. Oh, it’s dazzling. My eyes frown by themselves. Still, the warmth of the sun as if my body were melting.


I ran first, stopped for a moment, and was still breathing when a strange object came into my sight on the crosswalk not too far away. No, it was a man. That’s a man standing tall.

Uh, uh? Sadly, the man was a man I knew.


The Caitel who was coming from behind stops. As soon as I saw Caitel, I ran back to him. At the sound of my footsteps, Assisi turns her head. The eyes of the two met at that moment.

Assisi comes this way slowly.

“May Evangelium be with you.”

Assisi bows his head. I stood behind the Caitel and stuck out my head. He looks like the doll, that I saw before. He is so beautiful as much as a doll.

“Are you on your way to the residence?”

He raises his head at the voice of Caitel. Our eyes met for a moment. I hid behind the Caitel when my eyes met with Assisi’s eyes. I don’t know why, but I wanted to hide. I hide behind Caitel grabbing his cloth, my father looked down at me.

“You’ve never seen him before, have you?”

Their eyes were looking at me. As I sneak my head out from behind the Caitel, Assisi’s expression looking at me shakes. His confused eyes confused me, too. Do I look weird? What’s wrong with his face? Unknowingly, my grip on the hem of Caitel’s clothes got stronger. Caitel’s hand pushed me forward.

“You’ll see him a lot from now on. Say hello.”