Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 125

Chapter 125: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 125

“No. it’s a lie that Caitel began the war because of his sister, so don’t pay any attention to that.”

Ferdel showed me his usual smile after quite a long time passed. Jeno looks back at him terrified.

“Is it alright to tell a child about that?”

“So what? She was bound to find out about it eventually.”

Right, I like how careless you are, Ferdel. I can’t tell if you’re generous or stupid. Anyway, you are a good source of information.

“Then why did people say that?”

“Well, it must be because he didn’t let any of his sisters alive even though they were sent to those countries that were already conquered. Because of that, false gossip spread all over the country. That Caitel is having wars to kill his sisters. Well, it wasn’t true.”

Ferdel’s fork pokes a piece of steak.

So I’ve known the wrong rumors for all this time?

Oh, but start a war to kill sisters, or fighting a war to pay back for being insulted are both insane. As I shake my head over my father’s madness, Jeno speaks.

“Still, many of the princesses who were sent off for marriage were killed because of that silly gossip.”

“Oh, were they executed without trial to prevent any excuses? It was quite shocking, and everyone cursed Caitel at the time.”

“People still speak of him that way.”

“I’m sure our Emperor will live long and prosper.”

“That’s not something to be proud of, sir.”

Jeno looks down on him as if he is pathetic. I joined that sight. Yeah, it’s not something to be proud of, silly.

I’m dying of embarrassed to be his daughter here. Oh, really, if I wasn’t his daughter, I would never see him.

“Oh, I’ve been busy saying something else with the princess. Princess, how is Pibbit doing?”

Of all the things he could ask, he’s going to ask about Pibbit?

“He’s gotten fatter.”

Why does dieting make you a pig-er rather than lose weight? Maybe my Pibbit was supposed to be born as a pig rather than a rabbit.

Ferdel laughs. What are you laughing at? I am serious. It wouldn’t be surprising if Caitel wanted to butcher him right now.

“Hmm, princess? This is a serious question, and I’m not trying to tease you.”

What are you going to ask? As I nodded my head, poking a meatball with a fork, Ferdel smiles.

“Aren’t you raising him so you can eat him later?”

Gosh, this guy! You are talking about that again! And I ran out of my seat.

“I’m not playing with you!”

I’m already annoyed that Caitel always asks me when I’m going to eat him up, and how dare you ask me that! I don’t want to see you!

“Aah, Princess!”

“Shouldn’t have teased a child.”