Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 124

My lunch was pasta. And also meatballs, salads, and many other foods. There was also a pizza that came with it. It was also similar to Ferdel too. Wow, look so delicious!

“Is the Emperor with the ambassadors?”

“Probably. He’s always busy these days.”

“Well, I suppose nobody thought his Majesty would really conquer Praezia.”

“But I knew he would.”

I rolled the pasta with a fork, and Serira sits next to me with the juice. Serira wouldn’t have eaten yet too, did she? But mom just smiles when I stare.

“People will laugh if they hear this, but the reason he conquered the kingdoms in the central region and even reached Praezia in the South was because of the insult during the Belver Conference.”

“It’s not a laughing matter, sir. It gives me chills to think of such things.”

What are these guys talking about?

As I tilt my head in wonder, Ferdel speaks in a cold voice. It was an obvious sneer.

“What’s the matter? Emperor Pelephon is a fool for calling someone a bastard at such a public occasion.”

Jeno groans on that biting tongue. I tilt my head.

…Emperor Pelephon, as in the Emperor of Praezia? I heard he was humiliated and met a dreadful end by Caitel. When I heard the story, I frowned that Caitel was a madman.

The Sires army, led by the prime minister of the south was defeated and Caitel offered Praezia’s Highness. “Bark, I’ll let you live if you bark like a dog.” He said.

Well, Caitel was a madman for sure offering that to Emperor of Legion(Thousands of private army of Emperor) but the Emperor who actually barked for surviving was more shocking to me. I mean, in front of his family and retainers!

I guess it was because it’s related to his survival. I felt sorry anyway. I heard that he was a twice older man than Caitel.

Of course, it was a sight that he killed him anyway, even though he gave him such an insult. Caitel slaughtered all the royal family right after killing the Emperor and burned down the glorious palace. But even more so, the word Caitel said was the most compelling. ‘He didn’t bark like a dog’.

That crazy guy doesn’t have an answer.

“He never would’ve known that his attempt to belittle a new and young emperor would come back to hang him to death.”

“And none of the kings who agreed and laughed along with him at the time survived.”

Really? So the war began because that Emperor insulted Caitel? It wasn’t because my dad simply obsessed with the war? And I thought there was another reason for the war.

“Didn’t the war started because of my aunt?”

Yes, that’s what I heard. He sold his sisters to almost every country and began the war to kill all those sisters. Two men in front of me shut their mouth on my question.

Hey, answer me.