Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 123

“Have you had supper yet, Princess?”


“Then, shall we dine together?”


Ferdel silenced himself after hearing my refusal. I felt sorry, but his face was too funny. Oh, this was why I couldn’t stop making fun of Ferdel. Even if I tried to hold my laughter, I would burst out laughing anyway. I finally nodded, giggling lightly.

“Actually, let’s eat together.”

As I stretched out my hand and smiled brightly, Ferdel, who was devastated by a depressing feeling I gave him, was revived with vigor. I was just on my way out for a late lunch after getting the Pibbit to work out. It was literally a coincidence that I met Ferdel on my way.

I think he had handled all the documents that had been piled up, and he saw me when he came out of the office stretching. I giggle at Ferdel, and suddenly I felt a glance and looked back.

Huh? There’s no one here.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Uh? Oh, no.”

I said that, but I felt something strange. I thought someone was watching me. I looked around again, and poked my lips. I’ve had a strange feeling lately. I feel someone’s watching me. Of course, I’m so pretty and cute that everyone wants to look at me, but it was a little different. It’s more like, observe.

It feels uncomfortable because it feels like someone’s stalking me.

I went to the restaurant holding hands with Ferdel, and Ferdel picks me up.

“Now, my princess, sit here!”

Because I am still so small, Ferdel had to pick me up to sit on the chair. No, I could sit in the chair, but then I had to crawl like a frog, unlike a Princess.

Yay, I finally have lunch! I clapped my hands and looked at the dishes brought by the maids, an uninvited guest came into the restaurant.

“Are you having your meal now?”

“Oh, are you here?”

A neat black hair and blue eyes. He was Ferdel’s top assistant.


“Hello, it’s been a while, Princess.”

Jeno smiles brightly as I say hi. Oh, it’s rare to see a smile on that sullen face of his. My cuteness is lovely enough to melt the stone Buddha. Just as I thought, I’m too cute.

Unlike Ferdel, who is sly, naughty and unbearably light, Jeno was serious, calm, and heavy. And most of all, he is edgy. It was surprising to see how he can work under Ferdel, because they were completely different in their tendencies. I’d rather believe if he is a secretary of Caitel.

“If you haven’t eaten yet, you should join us.”

At Ferdel’s recommendation, Jeno shakes his head.

“Unfortunately, I already had my lunch.”

“That’s too bad.”

I know. Our chef is a real God’s hand.

There are numerous chefs in the Imperial Palace kitchen, but it was only me and Caitel who can eat our head chief’s food. That’s why Ferdel wants to have a meal with Caitel. It’s not easy to eat this kind of food anywhere. Jeno smiles when I give him a look.

Well, it’s his luck.