Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 122

As if he had been waiting for that word, Assisi raises his head. This time, Caitel avoided his gaze. Assisi drops his heads down, staring at the back of Caitel returns to his throne.

“I will be waiting for that day to come, My Lord.”

after that greet, he left the royal audience hall. Only the noise of the thick door closing fills the royal audience hall. Caitel’s expression of looking at the throne was as cool as the winter.

“so he’s still like that, is he?”

What? This familiar voice is…! It was Ferdel who was standing next to me. Why is he standing here? And since when? I was so surprised and hold my breath grabbing my chest. I almost had a heart attack. Looking down at me, Ferdel just smiled brightly and winked.

“That’s his nature.”

Caitel’s eyes are looking at this side. I was surprised when he found me. Oh, no!

“He’s kind. And foolish. And an idiot.”

His eyes sink deep.

“…Unlike me.”

“You just realized that now?”

Ferdel just shrugged. And pass me by and approach Caitel.

I was embarrassed. Uh, what should I do? It’s useless to run since I’ve been spotted. Besides, I’m sure Ferdel knows that I was secretly listening. Of course, he won’t do me any harm.


Oh, whatever. I had to be cute at a time like this.

Come on, hurry up and hug me, Dad! I was nervous, but his eyes looking at me down were the same as usual. The same red eyes as usual.

“I thought I told you to wait.”

“I wanted to see papa so much.”

Even I don’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. Caitel looked at me like he couldn’t believe what he heard. His gaze is the same as usual. It’s hard to believe they’re the same eyes that were looking at Assis earlier.

“Shall we go for a walk?”

His question stops my hand from touching his eyes. A fairly sweet voice. Of course, his voice was still dry and cold to others, but it sounded strangely gentle to my ears. Did I get brainwashed? Maybe I’m delusional?

“Yes! I like going on walks!”

It was bittersweet, but I try to hide that bitter feeling and laugh. As I nodded, Caitel smiled small. I look at the Caitel smiling.

“I want to go to wa…ugh!”

Ferdel, who tried to step in, was stopped right away by one hand of Caitel. Holding his own shoulder to the sudden attack, Ferdel runs on the spot.

Tsk, that’s why you shouldn’t try to butt in on a family walk.

“Hey, there’s a pile of papers you need to go through!”

“I’ll do it afterward.”