Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 120

At that moment, I could take a second chance to look closer at his eyes.

His eyes were dark-green mixed with bright gold. It was an exquisite and odd color I had never seen before. How could a human’s eyes be that beautiful? Two colors blended to each other and magnificently collaborated and shone brightly. It’s so pretty. The line of his face was so thin and pretty that it made my heart pit a pat. His face was far more beautiful than when I first saw him. However, he’s expressionless, and that gave him a cold impression. He seemed like a difficult person to speak with.

“You seem tired.”

Caitel smiled a little.

“I am tired.”

The voice who said that sounded as tired as he proclaimed to be. His voice was so heavy that I didn’t realize it was Caitel’s voice. Even his face seemed so tired. I bit my lip quietly.

“Always, constantly. All the time.”

An overly calm voice.

“I had never been as tired as this before. What of it?”

A tired smile appeared on Caitel’s lips. The Knight faltered as he gazed at it. Caitel’s eyes as he looked at his knight faltering was incomparably magnanimous than when he was seeing anyone else.

“When will you,” The voice of the knight shattered quietly. “When will you allow me to die?”

I held my breath after hearing that teary voice. What did I hear just now? Caitel closed his eyes before I even realized what I heard.

“Someday, when the time is right.”

A silent voice descended throughout the room.

“But not now.”

Did that mean he would kill him someday, eventually?

My thoughts had turned sour at that point. What I was hearing confused me so. What was this conversation about? The mysterious tension between them and their incomprehensible dialogue sounded more like riddles. However, I know one thing for sure…

That man was Assisi, Caitel’s black knight.

That’s why he was wearing black armor. I never imagined that he would really be wearing a black armor since I thought the ‘black knight’ was simply a symbolic title. I groaned slightly at that late realization.

At Caitel’s refusal, Assisi dropped his head. His shaking hands were visible from here. That meant it looked the same to Caitel too.

Assisi bit his red lips. The shaking black knight looked miserable from far away.

“I didn’t even hesitate to kill an infant when you commanded me, and now I am… exhausted.”

Assisi raised his head. Their eyes were tangled in the air.