Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 118

The Four Knights of the Agrigent.

Winter moon, Summer sun, Autumn star, Spring sun.

They were the Knights Templar modeled after four spirits under the protection of the Great Spirit. Just by looking at the ornaments of his clothes, I could quickly tell where that man belonged.

… Winter Moon.

Wait, I thought it was the Winter Moon who wanted to seek an audience with Caitel?

“Is he going to see Caitel?”

Who was that man? I was curious about why he was crying so sadly back then, but more than that, I wanted to know him first. My mind was suddenly in a hurry. Hmm. Caitel told me to wait here. A deep internal conflict arrived within me in a flash.

Should I sneak a peek? If I knew who he was and returned… Although getting caught worried me. I bit my lips and said to hell with it. I didn’t have much time. I would go crazy if I missed him right in front of my eyes.

“Aah, whatever.”

A maid with a pudding would return soon, but after a while, my interest in the pudding had disappeared. I rushed to the royal audience hall where Caitel should be. I saw the Knights of Solay with a surprised look on their faces, but I couldn’t help it. Their princess was a little busy now! They should all get out of my way!

Ah, there it is.


Caitel’s servants who were all standing near the audience hall looked at me with their eyes wide open. I put my finger on my lips to tell them to remain silent. Then everyone in that hall shut their mouth.

That’s right. Good job. Right away, I shook off the people and opened the door to the royal audience hall.

“P, Princess!”

Since that gate was only exclusive for the emperor’s uses, the throne was connected to the gate. I snuck into the door before the servants could stop me. I could hear their voices behind me, but soon, the door closed.

I was a bit apologetic for everyone. I felt a little guilty, but I couldn’t help it. He made me feel really shitty yesterday and today.

I couldn’t see him very often, nor could I guarantee that I would see him again next time. It made me more desperate that I might never have another chance to meet him. Oh, I swore to God I never knew I was such a curious person.

Entering the door, a huge red veil over each side of the throne covered my body. As I took the veil lightly aside with my hand, I stuck my head out so the people within would notice me. Fortunately, no one in the hall noticed me. I was really fortunate. There were only two people in the royal audience hall except me anyway.

“My apologies, your Majesty. I should have come to see you sooner.”

So he really was here to see Caitel.