Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 117

I tried to create a warm atmosphere, but it would dissipate in a matter of seconds. As I frowned, I heard a small laugh on top of my head. Was that funny to him? Was it funny? Every time when we would share a good father and daughter mood, he would ruin it!

Stop it. I wouldn’t do it anymore! Stop all this!

“You better behave.”

Dad placed his hand on my head with a little smile. That touch of his did not differ from the way one would touch their pets, but would someone make fun of me if I said it felt like his love more than ever when he did that? I didn’t like this madman, but I liked the way he patted me. Though I was pretty angry at that moment, his touch melted my anger.

Did he really think I would forgive him just because of this? Did he really think I’m the forgiving kind of person?

“All right, come back soon.”

Ha, sometimes I felt like I was being too nice. Where in the world could one find such a daughter as great as I? Caitel was a real lucky guy.

I followed him to the door, and Caitel turned around to look at me Why was he looking at me like that? I was not a dog. He should really stop looking at me like I should guard his house or something.

He looked at me with a worried expression as he patted my head one more time before leaving the room. I stuck out my head and looked at Caitel’s back. It looked like he’s meeting some really important person since he’s going to the royal audience hall.

What should I do by myself? I was standing beside the door while pouting when I suddenly had a craving for pudding. Pudding! Pudding! The same pudding I ate earlier! I should ask a maid to bring me some.

“How may I help you, Princess?”

“I want some pudding!”

As I entered the hallway and stuck out my head, a maid spoke to me. The maid smiled and nodded at my answer. She then answered, “I’ll bring it to you in a minute”. Whenever I saw maids, I would always wonder if beauty was a qualification to be a palace maid.

Well, they were all so pretty. Of course, I was the prettiest, but still.

The maid disappeared, and I tried to return into the lounge to wait for Caitel. No, I tried. If it wasn’t for the person whom I saw that moment I turned my head.


That’s the man… that’s the man I saw before, wasn’t he?

Holding the pillar of the palace, I wrinkled my forehead to have a better look at him.

The man’s blue-silver hair shook brightly under the sun. It was just a subtle wave-like flowing beneath his ear, but combined with the neat hue of his hair, it made a pretty neat impression. He looked like the man who was crying under the winter tree before, but he seemed to have changed because he’s wearing different clothes now.

Although he was wearing black armor, he wasn’t doing so now. A light blue shirt, a white tie, and a crescent-shaped silver ornament decorated the sleeves of his shirt. The white coat and cape on top of it symbolized the perfection of a knight’s conquest. Of course, I had never seen him dressed like that before, but I noticed his countenance sometimes for I would see him every now and then around the palace.