Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 116

What was he laughing about? I felt a little angry.

I wanted to bite his forearm, but I had to put up with it. I didn’t have the courage to survive after doing that yet. No matter how generous Caitel was to me, I wouldn’t go as far as to abuse his generosity and hurt him. Oh, my cowardice saddened me so much.

“You’re still so small.”


“You’re small.”

It’s not even a day or two since he last called me small.

“Because I’m a baby!”

Caitel chuckled to my reply. It was just a small smile, but I was even more surprised to see that rare, true, and pleasant smile of his. It’s not that usual sneer he had. He’s donning a real smile. Wow.

I wondered how my dad became such a handsome man. My dad’s appearance was a treasure to mankind. It’s a curse on this planet that I’m his only child.

“You’re a baby?”


“Who says so?”


I said so proudly, but Caitel lightly denied it.

“No. you’re not a baby.”

I frowned at his answer. What did he mean by no?

“I’m not a baby?”


What’s he saying? If I was not a baby then what was I! A baby’s a baby. Huh? Hold on. Did he perhaps refer to babies only as those who required breastfeeding? Caitel wasn’t technically wrong then. I suddenly felt desperate to own a Korean dictionary. I looked up at Caitel with a half-believing face.

“Then what am I?”


… Did this bastard really have a death wish?

Caitel laughed like he didn’t give a hoot at my cold expression. His laugh worsened my mood. Wow, was it funny that he’s purifying me? I couldn’t tell if he’s my father or my enemy. I wanted to hit him in the back of his head and tell him to stop laughing, but then he would probably kill me. I replaced that reaction of mine with a glare instead.

My fists desperately wanted to hit his face.

As I watched Caitel laughed, the door to the lounge opens, and a servant entered. Our eyes turned to him.

“Your Majesty, the knight captain of the Winter Knights is requesting an audience.”

The Caitel looked at me as he heard the report. Huh? Why did he suddenly look so gloomy? I felt a little strange as I felt the worry beneath his eyes. Was he upset to leave for work after seeing his daughter put the effort to visit him? I decided to understand my daddy generously.

“Can you wait?”

A little subdued gaze darkened my daddy’s crimson eyes. I laughed as wide as I could.

“Yes! I’m not a baby anymore.”

“Right. A kid.”