Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 113

As if summer had already come, the sound of the heavy rustling of green leaves made my ears deafened. I felt as if time had stopped. I felt the warm sunshine while looking at a huge white tree, and under it was a man clad with black armor.

I stood at a distance while holding my breath and just stared at him furtively. I didn’t know if he’s crying or not. No, I didn’t know anything at all. Was he crying? Was he not crying? He wasn’t that far, but whatever he was doing confused me even though it was pretty close.

In a place where the sound of leaves rustling flashed like pictures scattering when a scandal broke, he was kneeling with an imperceptible look. However, one thing I could recognize was something that glows white. Drops of water were falling without a sound.

I held my breath in surprise.

What could I say? It was hard to tell, but the feeling of being eroded was strangely painful. Something cold and something unknown to me penetrated my heart. It’s the most beautiful sensation I’ve ever felt.

At that moment the man raised his head.

Our eyes contacted as I gazed at his long, glossy eyelashes. His eyes were so clear that I found it hard to look at him. His golden dark green eyes met mine. At that moment, I suddenly came to my senses.

What was I doing here?

“Ah, ah!”

What was I doing? A princess of an empire, peeking at a crying man! My cheeks were burning. I was in a hurry and just ran in any direction. Darn it. I didn’t know!

However, I did nothing shameful. Why was I so ashamed? I was so madly distraught that I wanted to die. I ran in any direction to get as far as I could, but I quickly bumped into something I didn’t see ahead. I hit my head on it and fell, rolling over the floor.

I grabbed my head in pain. Oh, it hurt.

“It hurts!”

Huh? This voice? When I opened my eyes in a familiar voice, I saw was Graecito rolling on the ground. What, this idiot, why was he here? Anyway, it’s good that I didn’t have to put too much effort into finding him. Oh, my head. I was dying of pain.

“R, Ria, even if you hate me…”

“It’s not because I hate you!”

“Ah, my head hurts!”

“It hurts for me, too!”

I also skinned my knee when I fell. It’s killing me. Both of us had been in pain on the floor for a long time, and as time went by, we sat up. Tears came out of my eyes due to the pain.

“What’s wrong?”

Huh? What did he mean by what’s wrong? I was crying because it hurts. He’s crying too.

Still, this crash certainly brought my senses back to reality. Before that, it was like… Dreams. Yeah, I felt like I was dreaming. There was still a haze looming in my head and something ambiguous feeling left at the fingertips, but I couldn’t tell exactly what it was like. What the hell was this?

“You look confused. Did you see something weird?”

Wow, he’s sharp. Well, he knew my reactions better than I did. Well, there’s nothing to hide.

“I saw something weird.”

Graecito tilted his head at my sighing.