Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 112

Ahhhh! What?! Run a little slower! I didn’t know how he understood human language but look at how fast he reacted to the word ‘scones’. Did he really like scones that much? This pig, that’s why it couldn’t lose weight!

“You are a rabbit! How can you love sweets this much?”

Even though I gave him clean vegetables and hay every day, he would always take some of my snacks, and he would also eat the grass on the ground when we would leave for a walk. What people ate was harmful to animals. He didn’t even know my concerns, and the Pibbit was in unleavened criticism. Hey, I was not saying anything to it because the chef and Serira said it’s safe. Let’s be real here, originally, I wouldn’t even think of giving this rabbit anything!

Grumble, grumble. Pibbit moved so fast unusually like he was not listening to me. Yeah, I meant, when it could move like that, why was it always crawling around slowly when we’re having a walk?

Oh, I wouldn’t even tease him as a pig if he moves like this all the time. I sighed for nothing and shook my head. Where did he go though?

“Did he go that way?”

I was picking my direction for a moment when the Pibbit suddenly ran so fast. He was so fast that I dropped the leash I had in my hand.

“Hey, hey! Where are you going all of a sudden!?”

It frustrated me for a moment, but soon, I chased after him. What’s going on all so suddenly? Where was it going?!

Now I had to do something like this? Even though he was a pig rabbit, he was still a rabbit. I soon lost the view of my Pibbit’s back. Oh, he’s so fast.

“Oh, I don’t care anymore! I give up!”

Now I didn’t even know where he went. With a short breath, I sat on the floor. That damn pig, why didn’t it run like that every day? Oh, my breath. Oh, it’s killing me.

“Where am I anyway?”

I ran after the Pibbit, so I wasn’t quite sure where I was. I had no idea what this place was. It was a familiar scene. Well, it should be near the garden anyway, I shouldn’t worry too much.

I moved my step without thinking about it, and my foot stopped.

I thought it looked familiar. It was the road that connected the winter tree, to the winter tree I would go every day. However, I stood in that spot and looked at the same winter tree. No, let me be more specific. I was looking at below the winter tree.

There was someone there.


Just like white scattering snow, the white branches of the winter trees scattered. Under the tree, there was a man on his knees. A man covered in black ironclad all over which was a stark contrast to the white winter tree. The long sword beside him indicated that his knighthood, but the other thing about him was what caught my eyes.

His blue-silver hair was like the ripples of a lake. He let his blue-silver hair down onto his shoulder; the man was on his knees quietly.


… He was crying.