Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 111 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 111!

Graecito glanced at me with a fierce look, when I smiled at him I did so because I was showing off.

Huh? What if he would stare at me like that? I had stuck out my tongue and laughed graciously at him, and it made Graecito bit his lips. Sorry, but the tide had already turned on my side, baby.

“I hate you, Ria!”

Graecito ran outside after yelling out loud at me. Oh, my. He would make me deaf someday, I swear.

“He always says that.”

I thought he’s thinking of me as his sandbag, really, haa… If he would run away like that, I would have to find him again, asshole. Geez, sometimes I couldn’t tell if I was the boss or if he’s the boss here. I put the Pibbit down on the floor discontentedly and twisted my lips. Afterward, Serira patted my head.

“Princess, you too. Don’t fight with Graecito and be nice to him.”

“Yes, I know.”

I cringed at the Serira’s stern voice that followed. Graecito just didn’t know that I also get scolded sometimes. Of course, I get the bad end of the stick too. It just seemed like nothing since I understood it right away, so it didn’t last long. Anyway, he only knew one thing and don’t know another.

“Wait here. I’ll go find him.”

“All right. Would you like some snacks when you get back?”

Serira replied in a sweet and laughable voice. Every time Graecito ran away like this, I would always be the one who would find him and bring him back while holding his hand tight. After that, we always have a little tea time with me. Well, he would always yell out cookie this and cookie that. Sure, cookies were great, but I wanted something else now.

“No, I want scones for today!”

“Okay, Princess, I’ll have them ready.”

Both of us laughed at Serira’s chatty joke. Elene looked at us discontentedly because she didn’t know what was going on since she was cleaning things up behind, but I just gave her a big pretty smile and pulled Pibbit’s leash.

“Hey, hey. Pibbit, come on. Let’s go find your plump older brother Cito. Chubby, chubby Cito!”

I should come back as soon as possible for my scones. I pulled the leash hard, but somehow this rabbit didn’t even think of moving. Oh, seriously. I said let’s go, you pig. The Pibbit just sniffed on the floor as if my strength was all for naught. Oh, this little pig.

“Hey, Pibbit. You can have a scone when we come back.”

I whispered at him, and he suddenly jumped out.