Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 110

Strangely, these days Graecito had been wanting to hear ‘oppa’ (TL note: how to call older brother in Korean) from me so bad. Well, I wouldn’t easily say it just because he wanted me to say it. It all began when Serira told him, ‘you were born three months earlier, so you have to take good care of the princess.’ That was when this problem began. In the beginning, he was just enjoying the fact that he’s older than me, but now, he would force me to call him oppa. Did he really want to be my oppa that badly?

‘Do you really think I would treat you as my oppa?’

Well, Graecito was an only child, and I was an only child in my family too, that’s why me, generous and pretty as always, could call him oppa if he really wanted.

However, strangely, it’s really hard for me to call him oppa. Yeah, I would never let that word escape my mouth. I would rather call Caitel as my oppa than this little boy.

“Hey, I was already walking by the time you started crawling!”

“Well, but I’m mentally older than you.”

At the moment, I was a year older than him, so my mental age was now technically twenty-six! He shouldn’t try arguing with me. When he saw my gesture, Graecito turned to Serira. Hey! Serira, standing far away, looked back at us after Elene gestured towards our direction.

“Mom, Ria is being rude to me again!”

“Mom, Cito yelled at me!”

Serira looked surprised. We ran to Serira as if we were competing. Serira smiled a little awkwardly at us. He’s making me look bad in front of Serira!

“Hey, how dare you tell that to mama! You tell tale!”

“What? Ria, you did it first!”

That’s because he did it! I didn’t know why, but when Graecito did something, I wanted to do it too. Sometimes I felt so pathetic arguing with this kid. It’s fun though. Especially, since it’s so funny to see Graecito when he’s about to cry. Graecito was about to cry again with this unfairness.

Oh, he looked so adorable. I really wanted to touch that melting cheek.

Before we knew it, Serira talked to us in a friendly voice.

“Graecito. How could you be so rude to the princess when you’re the older one?”

“B, but, mom.”

“Are you not going to listen to your mother?”

With her stern voice, Graecito shut his mouth. It seemed like he thought it’s so unfair that his mother was punishing him first, but he should think of the repercussions of his actions. It would be Serira who would be in trouble if we fought. Therefore, Serira punished her own child first. ‘You should take care of Princess because you’re older! Why can’t you stop fighting?’ It’s the same pattern every single day, but he always would always find himself getting trapped in it.