Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 109

Having the ability to walk is such a great blessing. Before, when I couldn’t walk, my world was limited and fixed. Walking made me take a wider step each time. Of course, walking too much would have been painful, but who would have thought I would enjoy taking walks so much? It was common for me to sleep late and stay in bed for the whole day every weekend.

While walking Pibbit in the garden and holding hands with Graecito, I suddenly remembered something.

“We’ve never gone across the lake, right? Why don’t we go there today?”

Should we go there today though? Graecito tilted his head.

“But isn’t that where the knights are? What if the knights catch us and scold us?”

“Scold? I’m the princess.”

I had got the power. In any case, I could just say we knew nothing. Being a child was very convenient. In my answer, Graecito looked at me with dismay, but I ignored him. I didn’t lie though.

Even with winter trees, the garden was definitely alive and warm in spring than in winter. We were on our way back to our mother, stopping for a moment to smell the scent of the just-painted flowers. All we had to do thereafter was to return and leave Pibbit with mom and go to the Knight’s castle. I didn’t care about Graecito’s opinion on my plan, which I constructed in a flash. However, suddenly, the Pibbit stopped moving and sat on the ground. Thus, we also had to stop.

“Oh my, Pibbit must be exhausted.”

“Hey, it’s been less than 20 minutes since we started walking!”

Hey, if he ran for two hours, I wouldn’t stop him. However, this pig rabbit stopped and had a meltdown all the time after a short walk! Was he a bar of chocolate or something?

“Ria, are you actually raising him, so you can eat him later?”

“Do you wanna die?”

How dare he ask such things to a princess. It’s so annoying since everyone kept asking me that, and now he did too?! Goddamn it, if there’s nothing good to eat! Rabbit meat wouldn’t be such a bad idea!

“Hey, I’m older than you. You shouldn’t talk to me like that!”

“As if.”

I grabbed the melted Pibbit. Wow, it’s so heavy. I couldn’t tell if it’s a pig, a rabbit, or a piggy bank. Graecito frowned after seeing my sneer.

“That’s not how you should talk to someone older than you!”

Someone older?

“Don’t act so cheeky, you’re only three months older than me.”

Graecito, who frowned after hearing my reply stared at me. Why was he staring at me like that? What’s he gonna do to me? Huh!?