Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 108

Suddenly a loud laugh erupted from the side. Ferdel was laughing and cracking his head against the table while grabbing his stomach.

“Pffft, oh my god, I can’t believe this is really the one and only Caitel…! Aah, geez, she’s driving me crazy!”

Don’t get insane. Well, it seemed like he was already insane anyway.

I couldn’t help but sigh when I saw Ferdel, who couldn’t take control of his behavior because he was laughing so hard. Even if he enjoyed seeing Caitel getting mocked, did he have to enjoy it that much?

“Stop laughing, you fool.”

“Gasp, Princess?”

Would he take responsibility if my dad’s wounded up getting mad because of him? Huh? Caitel nodded at my words.

“Fool, she wants you to stop laughing.”


“My daughter said so.”

What should I do with these childish adults? I just shook my head. My dad and Ferdel, they were both the same.

Once I finished eating the cookie, I started looking for a drink. Caitel gave me a cup of tea in front of him. Wasn’t this still hot? It was not hot because it had cooled down, but it tasted terrible since my tongue was that of a child How could they drink this?

When I frowned my due to the taste of the tea, Caitel smiled slightly. I felt like maybe he fed this to me on purpose. I couldn’t refuse because I already lost my trust in my father.

“What about Sil?”

“She’s busy raising the twins. She seems quite sad that the princess isn’t visiting often. The children want to see you too.”

“Hmm? But they can’t talk yet.”

The twins should only be six months old now. Whey could not be normal human beings if they already could speak fluently. Ferdel turned his eyes after hearing my answer as if it frustrates him.

“W, well… their inner voices?”


Ferdel laughed awkwardly, feeling like I was looking at him with cold eyes. Like me, Caitel gave him a pathetic look. Tsk tsk. How could he live like that?

“Your Majesty, the emissaries from Esnia are requesting an audience.”

The servant, who came out of nowhere, spoke while bowing his head. At the same time, Caitel’s sigh touched my cheek. He quietly narrowed his brows. Again? He’d be speaking with some people again for another treaty. Was it because of an agreement or something? It’s already been over half a year since the war ended, but he still had to deal with the repercussions. I felt bad for him. He couldn’t even play with me.

“I’ll watch over the princess, so you go ahead.”

Ferdel pointed the door as if he wanted Caitel to leave now.

At the moment, daddy looked at me.

Huh? Huh? Why? Did he want me to smile at him again?

“If that pervert touches you, execute him”

“Hey, Caitel!”

Caitel smiled. Still, he was mocking him, but now, I could tell if he’s smiling because he’s feeling good or if he’s having a hard time. This particular smile of his was the one he used when he’s in a good mood.

“All right!”

I didn’t want to come when Caitel called me over before, but now, I didn’t want to send him away. I hugged Caitel and held his cheek tightly and kissed daddy with a “pip” sound. Now he would work, so I should at least do this for him. Caitel smiled after receiving my kiss. He also left a little kiss on my forehead.


Caitel got up, and I stood on a chair in my lonesome. I then leaned over and waved at his disappearing figure. On the way out, Caitel looked back. I showed a pretty smile, as beautiful as I could. There was no response, but I felt like Caitel’s face had softened. Once he left, a shallow void permeated within the area. It’s just one person who left the room, but why did I feel so empty?


“P, Princess! It’s dangerous!”

I shook myself to sit down, but the chair rocked back in response. Uh, uh! I almost fell, but fortunately, Ferdel grabbed me. I was glad I didn’t fall, but…

“Oh, you touched me!”

At that moment, a heavy silence subsided between us.


Caitel said I should execute him if he touched me. Ferdel looked like he also couldn’t ignore that since was the one who ordered it Caitel a few minutes ago. It must be difficult for him too. Ferdel’s face turned pale.

Now, what should I do? Huh?

Ferdel trembled as I smiled.

“P, please have mercy on me this time.”