Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 106 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 106

Whether Ferdel laughed or not, I looked up at my long-lost father. He wouldn’t even show up for meals because he’s busy dealing with emissaries. He only showed himself when he’s about to sleep. What’s with that dissatisfied expression?

“Seems like my daughter has a bit of a temper these days.”

It’s true. I knew he wouldn’t kill me even if I didn’t behave, so I was just testing the waters. It’s my first time doing this much. It’s all because I was good at taming him. However, this behavior was still passable as cute.

“Maybe she’s upset since you don’t spend time with her these days.”

It’s not like that. Was I a child? I wouldn’t get mad over something like that.

Although, I was currently a child. Anyway, it wasn’t because of that.

When I was in my father’s arms, Caitel picked up the chocolate served as a dessert. What’s going on with this guy who hated chocolate? I looked at him sulking and he soon placed the chocolate before my lips.

“Do you want some?”


“I’m not giving it to you.

… this bastard.

Caitel laughed low, knowing that my reaction was cold. Why was he being so childish… was this funny? Did he think this was funny?!

I felt so sorry for the future life that I had to lead with this man as my father. Well, I had been pitiful since I was born. I thought I could be in the first place for living such a pitiful life.

He said he’s not giving any to me, but he gave me the chocolate right into my mouth, anyway. Was he just playing games with me? I would really like to bite off his finger, but I held it back this time. He would really kill me if I did that.

“It’s delicious!”

Caitel laughed at my answer. It’s a sneaky smile that he always made. A long-time had passed before Ferdel had gone into a ruckus beside us.

“I want to feed her too, I want to feed her too, I want to feed her too!”

‘You should be feeding your own son.’

When I turned away from him, Ferdel cried out. I could feel his strong desire to have a daughter with that cry. Oh, but this chocolate is fantastic. I ate it every day, but I didn’t tire of it. Our chef should be designated as a real intangible cultural asset.


“I don’t want to.”

I was no longer the one-year-old who would smile on your command anymore. Now things were very different! I would uphold my pride and self-worth! I would never smile on his command! I would never smile on his command like I used to do! Even when the sky was falling apart!


“I’ll give you a cookie if you smile.”

Y, you think I would fall for something like that? This man was underestimating me!

… or not.

“Hehehehe, cookie!”

… darn it… I hated him… he knew me too well. Aah, there’s no hope left in my life… I guessed today was when the sky would fall apart…