Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 105

“I hope you will consider continuing this amicable relationship with Annsip…”

An unfamiliar dress and formal speech. Did I feel that wrong? That person must be an emissary from Annsip.


Perhaps because I was a child, there were times when no one knew my existence even if I broke in. And even now. Caitel realized that I’m there when I went to Caitel’s chair and pull his pants. Why did you call me?

I’d like to argue with you, but the reality is…….

Aah… I want to slap myself for this reflexing smiling. But I heard he immediately slayed the royal family after he conquered Praezia. He’s been a bit of a relax lately, but he’s still insane. So scary.

“Why are you so late? I called you a long time ago.”

What the heck? And I came here reluctantly. What he said was not even funny.

“You should’ve come to me if you’re not satisfied.”


I didn’t want to come but I did because you wanted me to be here. Why you get angry for your own mistake? Someone giggles at my clever answer. It must be Ferdel. It was so obvious, almost like TV Live show.

“Oh, this lady must be the famed Princess Ariadna.”

Whether Ferdel laughed or not, when that man called my name, I went closer to Caitel. Caitel grabbed me with his right hand hold me closer to him. When I saw the envoy who looked at me, he smiled mutely. Am I funny?

“The rumors about the princess’s beauty are true.”

I don’t know what the rumor was, but I know I am pretty. That’s true. Even I fall in love this beautiful face! Still, one of the good things about Caitel’s daughter was that he gave me his good gene. Other than that, nothing really. Hey, don’t just grab my hand without asking, old man.

“I wish you glory in your future.”

That old man left a brief kiss on the back of my small hand, his eyes closed. Is he praying? I was surprised to see him because he seems to do something similar to the lord’s prayer, but the face of Caitel holding me was badly distorted. But the envoy didn’t care that much. Wow, this man has guts.

“Then I shall take my leave. This was a very pleasant visit, your Majesty.”

Is he leaving because I came? I felt sorry to see the gentleman who stood up and greeted in a gesture that I’ve never seen. Well, I guess he’s leaving now because he’s done with his job.

“What were you doing before coming here?”

“What does it matter to you?”

In the back, Ferdel giggles again. You are totally enjoying this, aren’t you?