Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 104

I’m just watching over the Pibbit with a leash on my hands, and suddenly I hear Elene’s voice from far away.


Her voice sounds rather urgent. When I stood up and waved my hand to mean I was here, Elene, who found me, runs so fast to me with bright smile. I looked up at Elene with annoyed face.

“Why do you call me? Can’t you see I’m taking a walk?”

“The Emperor is calling for you.”

My brow is frowning. So what? Why is he calling me?

“I thought he was eating with the envoys from Annsip. Why would he need me?”

Elene shrugs her shoulder at my grumble voice.

“Maybe he just wants to see you.”

“But I don’t want to see him.”

Do I have to go here and there whenever I’m called? He should come to me if he wants to see me!

I have no intention of going to him at all. I turned my head and looked down again at the Pibbit, and Pibbit was rolling on the ground if he was happy with all the grass. Is this a pig or a rabbit?

“Oh, come on. Princess.”

“I’m busy. Can’t you see? I have to get this fat rabbit on a diet.”

I waved my hand on the leash, and Elene smiled and took that from my hand. Hey, you! When I was startled by my leash being robbed, I blinked my eyes and Elene smiles.

“I’ll walk tthe rabbit instead, so please go ahead.”

Then she pushed my back, which became a tramp. Wow, look at you. How dare you take away the princess’s leash! It was absurd and annoying, but when I tried to argue, Elene smiled and acted cute, so I couldn’t get angry. Oh, this is so annoying.

“Now, go ahead. Please?”

“Oh, fine.”

I’ll go. I will go! Oh, but I really don’t want to go, shoot.

But my feet were already on their way to Solay, no matter how much I stuck my mouth out and grumbled. Ah, my life. How did my life become like this. What can I do if I can walk by myself? I’m like a dog who has to come and go whenever I’m called. Sob sob.

I’m only three years old, and I’m already sick of life.


“Where is dad?”

Entering the palace, Serira found me and silently looks back at the door behind her. There he is. Since it’s dining hall, It seems that they are still having a meal. Why did he call me? I was grumbling if front of the door. Before that, Serira professionally cleaned up my messed cloth.

“Over here, princess.”

I nod my head once and stand at the door. One of Caitel’s secretary opened the door for me. I was so short I passed through the tall, tall door and went inside, and there was Ferdel and Caitel. Also, a man that I’ve never seen before. Who’s that?