Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 103

3. Take me into your world

Many things changed when Caitel returned.

To me, it was simply just my father returning home, but that didn’t seem to be the case for others. The nobles were more nervous than they had ever been before; they were busy breathing down their throats. Ferdel got so much busier than before that now, he couldn’t even return to his mansion.

He had tripled the size of his territory and conquered the Southern Empire. He made an achievement comparable to unifying the central continent; thus, many were restlessly praising Caitel from all corners of the palace. Well, even I can tell how amazing his achievements were even though I didn’t have much knowledge about what was actually happening. As the war came to an end, Caitel was no longer just an emperor. Since he’s now the emperor who conquered southern Praezia, it felt as if, with this achievement, he had unified the central continent.

That fact had been fully demonstrated by various envoys from the North, the West, and the East over the past six months.

“You pig! You need to move now.”

The whole garden near the winter tree was green with buds that had just grown from the soil. I stopped running over it and looked back at myself with a discontented look. There was a rabbit that stopped hopping about and suddenly looked at me.

Well, I couldn’t really tell if I was looking at a rabbit or a pig for the animal was just too fat compared to a normal hare. This rabbit was a pet Caitel gave to me as a birthday gift on my last birthday.

“Hey, I said you have to move!”

Couldn’t it hear me?

No matter how hard I tried to pull the leash, the rabbit still remained lying on the ground.

Oh, really, this pig rabbit.

“Pibbit, how can you be so tired after only going this far?”

‘You’re going to eat so much later when it’s your lunchtime anyway!’

I tried to pull it up, but now Pibbit was too big, and I couldn’t pull it by myself. That’s a big fat rabbit right there. Oh, this was why I couldn’t say anything when Caitel asked me in a sarcastic tone if I was feeding it on purpose to eat it up. I didn’t know the right word to say. It’s only been five months since Caitel gave it to me and look at how fat it had already become.

“Now I can’t tell if you’re a rabbit or a pig.”

‘I even named you Pibbit because you look like a pig.’

When I continued looking at this fat rabbit as it breathed slowly on the ground, Pibbit couldn’t stand it anymore and begun eating the grass on the ground. Wow, he was really gobbling on that grass really fast!

“Hey, Pibbit. I can guarantee that you’ll be a big shining star in the future. You will be remembered as the first living being to inspire a hybrid species between rabbit and pigs.”

Whetheror not I was sarcastic, Pibbit remained uninterested. It was just busy eating all the grass in front of him. A sigh came out of my lips. Didn’t it think it’s a little too much even though there was no harmful grass here? He’s going to eat all the grass in this garden; it really is a pig, isn’t it?